jennifer the smell of old spice reminds me of very early morning plane flights to North Carolina and the weather channel 000102
typhoid when where there scents in your scentences? 000331
calliope scents are what bring back my memories, like yours.
garlic and tomatoes makes me think of my mom.
cotton candy, kindergarten.
the list goes on
neville chokes a little.
crumbs on the ground.
old record.
If you throw it up, it will always come back down.
sitting in the corner and waiting for clouds to cover the sun.
Annie I love the smell of freshly mown grass, it conjours up feelings of hope, new beginnings. The smell of home baked bread always brings back memories of ice skating as a kid back in Maine and walking in the door to be greeted by the warmth and comfort. When you are in a crowded room and a familiar cologne evokes memories of long nights or the feel of the nape of your loved one's neck. The sweet smell of hay sends me back to my Grandmother's farm and snapping fresh peas on the front porch. Scents are a powerful memory in themself, they can bring back feelings and if you close your eyes you return to the very time you first drew it in. 010320
Shugarhi I can still smell you sitting here with me.

Your scent haunts me sometimes.
distorted tendencies I hallucinate. I smell you all the time, knowing you're not really there.
It's calming, your scent.
Motomu my girl smells sooo good and she asks me to describe it but it's beyond me...just pleasing scent she's giving 011117
ilovepatsajak and you'll yield to me like a scent in the breeze...keeping you coming when i'm gone like yesterday, when i'm high like heaven, when i'm strong like music.
fiona apple
Miffey it's funny how much a scent will remind you of a lover, and while she's in bed trying to remember what he smells like, I'm thinking of hers. 020102
sweetheart of the song tra bong Smell you on my hands for days
I can't wash away your scent
ClairE My hat smells like pot. 020102
lizard I've been wondering how I smell? What's my unique scent? I ask others how I smell, and they can't describe it. They know my scent, and yet, there's no words for it.

What do you smell like?
lenore i felt your scent the other day. more than your scent...your presence like you were still here and you were still mine but i turned and all you were was air 031015
pipedream scent is so powerful i can conjure up your scent in my mind and actually smell it. so much more evocative than even words, scent is. 031015
misstree i'm always tickled when boys smell like boys. the faintly sharp, faintly musky tang of cologne and deodorant, sometimes with just a bit of the scent of sweat. it's so foreign, and so fond, it makes me smile secretly. 031016
pipedream i luuurve boy-smell. especially aftershave-cologne, its just *right*...i am also fascinated by the clean-shaven cheek; it can be so smooth...whee 031017
charlie sometimes my clothes smell like boy. i like that. 031202
... sarcasm, sincerity,... 040428
... sweet, sour,... 040428
samantha Where is it? The scent was washed away by my mind and maybe incense.

Impressed upon me like a skunk
vaginiac the scent of pussy, best in the few hours after contact, lingers on the hair of my moustache. Makes breathing (in) more of a pleasure than usual... 040806
oren The single most_powerful memory stimulant.

Pork Barbeque
Fried Catfish
Lake water
Fresh cut hay
Musk perfume
Teaberry gum
Baseball glove
Iren3_adler I am not messaging you. After you are making such a huge effort for me, I cannot undo your good work. You are amazing.

But just now, I caught you scent. It was a punch to the chest. I gasped, coughed. Inhaled deeper. Your skin filled my senses. The taste of, smell of, feel of. The ache. My fucking god. I miss you.
unhinged sandalwood is back heavy in my rotation. i wear it everyday. 141023
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