ClairE I've never seen it. I've heard I should. The song from it is hella good. 011129
lost anything 011130
rip anything huh. well the whole world is a bunch of sick self centered sex offeneders except a gifted few. like lost. oh by the way chris is a moron 011130
silentbob i gave her my heart and she gave me a...pen. 011130
constella A child was I
When this all began
So young and impressionable

We had our fun
Secret meetings away from others
Late into the night

Phone conversations
Awoke something inside of me
Lustful and hidden

Further and further each day
We never gave anything a second thought
Or at least I didn't

You knew what you were doing
17 years of experiance in this game
You were an expert

I was only a child
13 years of wonder and imagination
I knew no better

You stole my innocence
Yet I still "love" you
Hell, I still can't comprehend that word

You claimed it was meant to be
That it was a mature act of love
So I ignored my doubts and went along

I was foolish to trust you
I am foolish to never tell
I am foolish to keep talking to you

I am most foolish however
To not be able to control my heart
And that I still love you
Inanna Anything that is all.
Everything is on the wall.
of the dreaded bathroom stall
It was a message for you
written in blood and poop
Yes you
I mean you
you egocentric freak
anti-social butterfly i want to marry john_cusack! 011130
kill rhythm this was such a great movie. i guess you could call it a beginning for all of the stupid teen predictable movies, but it was really good. i loved it..

"no one thinks this is gonna work do they?"
"funny, you just described every great success story"
silentbob on the dvd there's a part that was deleted where he's talking more into the tape recorder and he says, "Thats HER road. I don't drive down THERE anymore. . . . . yes i do." 020318
Mateo I would like to see tour undewear please. 020318
Syrope to let me know you understand 020319
kerry i don't have a voice!!! 020319
carne de metal tengo un currucho en la cabeza,
porque yo como milanesa
y cuando le pongo mayone-e-sa
me pongo todo gordo como cesar.

I have a curruch in my head
because I eat some milanes
and when I put the mayona-a-ase
I get fat like my man Cesar.
kill rhythm i wish i could say anything to him right now. i wish i could tell him exactly what i am thinking...but that would mess things up even more. 020416
good people I have a flying pony. Tractors use hampsters for fuel. Once I saw a possum. STOP WINKING AT ME YOU ONE-EYED PENGUIN!! If you were a foot shorter, beetles would seem larger. Large beetles with a side of fries. Or salad. Beetle salad. Beetles can fly if they have wings. Some beetles are as big as me when I am as small as a beetle. If you hit a beetle with a shovel, it might get sad. If you hit anything with a shovel, it will probably get sad. Aligators have scales. Some pirates might like beetles. There is a sign that says "Pirate beetles not welcome." I enjoy drinking juice and eating pudding. Mmmmm... pudding.... 020417
nightcrawler sometimes someone on blather that i find to be so unbelievably cool and/or amazing that commenting on it makes me feel like i'm intruding. 020709
nightcrawler [correction] **someone on blather will say something that i find so unbelievably cool or amazing** 020709
phil I don't want to be ugly no more 020709
popokelvis caminante no hay camino,

se hace camino al andar

Benedetti (i think)
MollyCule "the rain on my car is a baptism"

my god did i feel like that the other day. There's a John Cusack line appropriate for any situation you could possibly ever be in.
jane i just saw it for the first time today
i remember scott had said it was his favorite movie
so i watched it
i like it
silentbob the valedictorian watches George of the Jungle? This gives me hope. 030104
Lilac I_want_long_john_silvers 030113
Nathan88 maybe we could all just raise our hands and introduce each other then say one interesting thing about ourselves, it'd be like grade school all over again

i forget what other random things i said today...but i met a lot of people and that was cool
megan i like french onion soup. 030114
drnk if life is so short than how can something be a long time away? 030114
bc I was happy once 030117
that girl over there anything?! ok... one of my friends and his friend host a talk show out of Florida. they needed a favor, and i agreed to it. they recorded me having an orgasm (fake of course), for a particular segment they were doing. it was rather embarrassing, but i thought nobody would ever know it was me, and so i did it. every so often my 'orgasm' is played over the air. i can't believe that i did that!!! 030117
blown cherry I wish somebody would kill me 030119
no use for a name have any of you heard of the song "bring me to life" by evanescence? that song is so awesome! 030119
niska have you ever heard of that movie, 'say anything'? sometimes youu just have forget stubborn and remember bliss 030307
. Have you ever heard of reading the proceeding blathers before you add your own? 030307
seriously agreeing yeah
for real
niska no, i don't care what's already been said. i'm not expressing myself here in order to respond to anyone's stupid views on anything; i'm just adding my own because that's what this site is for, ya fucking tool. 030308
still agreeing but you were throwing out a question
and therefore inviting people to respond to your "stupid views on anything" as you say.
Casey I taught my little 6 year old brother Max this.

"Hey my brother, can I buy a copy of you hey soul classics?"

"No my brother, you have to go buy your own."
megan perhaps,,, i have said too much 030308
niska you really want to argue, child? let's go.

first of all, if i was asking you a question, i would have put your name there. as in, "hey [your name], have you...?"
no, i don't think i see anyone's name there.

for you, that makes this either rhetorical, or at least not your concern. if it wasn't meant for you, then any comment you have is intrusive - understand it's as simple as that. whether it's postive or not does't matter. it is not your business. you can read it if you like, and even comment on it, sure - i can't tell you what to do. but it's origins, or my reasons for typing what i typed in the way i typed it are not for you to presume.

also, checking out what everyone else said first is a waste of my time. should i be reading what people wrote and try to top that? is that what you do? i'm sorry, i really don't care about impressing the people here as much as you do with a keen blatheability to know every inch of the page before i expound on the word presented before me. some just like to say what they think of the WORD, and not what they think of everyone elses teenage interpretation of it. this was never meant to be a discussion board, but you kids have made it that way - not everyone is looking for someone to chat with here.

anyway, i'm sure that i'm the only person in this blathe to have seen 'say anything' it in the theatre - i question whether any of you were even BORN when this movie was released. correct me if i'm wrong, kids, thought it's not meant as an offense, just a fact. i really don't care if it's been adressed - i would have expected it to be, as when i hear the phrase 'say anything' i automatically think of this movie. of course it's been written about - i just don't care to read that first - is that so bad? i don't think it's MY business to comment on other people's blathes, does it make me LESS of a person for respecting someone else's thoughts? hardly.

i mean, you can comment, and that's fine - this is blather after all, but realize i can say whatever i want here too, so you shouldn't feel the need to have an opinion about what i say at all, unless i'm presonally adressing you. don't start some petty squabble (and you did start this) because you have nothing better in your life to do than read people's blathes and comment on them. that's rather sad, quite frankly.

lastly, i don't know if you think you're cool, but i'm positive a better person would use this unique opportunity to express themselves thoughtfully, rather than worrying about someone who was too lazy to waste my time reading over a years worth of blathes. i'm quite sure that what i want to wrte is what i want to write - i don't need to check everyone elses opinions before i express my own. maybe you do, I don't know. sorry, i'm just not that plastic.
niska and the question was, "have you ever heard of that movie, say anything?"

not, "will some jackass respond to my stupid views, please?"

you didn't even answer the question anyway. so don't pretend that's your reason for owing me a retort. grow up.
blah """so you shouldn't feel the need to have an opinion about what i say at all"""
check this statement with the point you were trying to make. hypocrisy.

i'm sad that you feel you have to belittle and demean other people to get your point across. according to what you have said, this is also hypocritical of you.
niska i don't see how that's hypocritical.
you made a dumb comment, agreeing with someone who right away assumed whether i read all the blathes before blathing. your comment wasn't asked for.

my comments directly TO YOU were in response to a something you said directly TO ME. there is a huge diference in these two forms of communication.

in fact, my initial complaint to the comment made about my blathe, was for the person who made the comment. you're just someone who agreed with them. i don't know why you took it upon yourself as some third party to respond to that either.

anyway, it's moot - don't criticize anyone for belittleing and demeaning people's ideas on blather, when you were the first one to jump on the critical bandwagon concerning my blathe that had nothing to do with anything other than what i felt like typing. I think that's hypocritical in it's own right. and we could go in circles forever then...

all i wanted to do is write about a movie i liked. YOU made a point of demeaning me, ao i don't get why you have such a problem with me defending myself for just posing a nonsensical question to no one about a movie made fifteen years ago. for fuck sakes - if you have a point here, please make one. you are in the wrong. i don't care how 'hypocritical' you think i am, the point is, you started this communication and you keep changin it's properties. you keep finding other things to point out to try to prove something, when what we're talking about initially is my disatisfaction with you criticizing me for NO reason.

how can you justify that?
don't call me a hypocrite - you want it clearer? check the mirror.
blah i wasn't the person who made the original comment or the other people who agreed. i am just another person who agrees. i don't feel like this is a good use of my time. i don't agree with you, but i don't feel like arguing either. so bye. 030309
minnesota_chris niska? Are you another name for daxle? Did Sartre ever call someone a fucking tool? 030309
niska you involved yourself then.
yes don't waste your time.
silentbob chris.....if you really knew daxle you would know that that niska asshole isnt her. complaint is, you really seem to be wasting your time bitching about petty shit and making this blathe really annoying to read.

Dont get all jumpy and high and mighty

you're all saying, "i'm not acting like i'm better than anyone like you, you fucking child, i saw this movie before you did 150 years ago blah blah blah"

THAT is hypocritcal and contradictory.

you're obviously not much BETTER than a child if you need to respond to someone pointing out something you did that was rather thoughtless. and then felt the need to school them on it.

what im saying is, i dont see how bitching about something this lame is LESS of a waste of time than just checking at the top of the blathe to see if anyone already talked about this movie, thus making your blathe completely pointless and repetitive.

and its really cool that you don't care what other people think.....

that you dont care if anyone responds to you....

and that you're too cool to check out other peoples blathes

but its not that cool that you have to bitch about it.

i mean....

if you had read this blathe, you would have seen that yeah a LOT of people remember that movie.

but whether they saw it in the same ten years that you did is completely pointless.... i mean, just bringing it up makes you sound like....such a huge asshole.

oh wait. i guess it doesn't matter. cuz ya dont care.
silentbob hmmmmm


now that ive read it over a little bit....

you were just responding to someone elses blathe when saying "have you ever heard of that movie say anything...."

I apologize. i guess you just made yourself look really bad by making this huge rant about something so pointless. i mean you could have just said

"I was just responding to that blathe up there. i dont really care."


i'll shutup now
jane anyone else see the irony in this argument and the title of the page? 030309
s.a. who are you to judge who is "in the wrong"? not to mention your spelling sucks [which is hilarious with your pathetic attempt at eloquency]. what you really need to do is sit down and think before you spew out your blather_pollution. don't go around telling other blatherers what blather is or isn't when you've been long? oh yeah, you're new. and the people arguing with you have been here way longer. blather_is_blather. i'm tired of arguing with you, but someone's got to kick your ass into shape. i've read most of your blathes [who couldn't...they're ubiquitous], and most of them are useless. i mean, maybe they mean something to you...but if that's true, you're pretty shallow. as deep as a shoe. welcome to blather 030309
p.s. word of advice: don't dish it out if you can't take it. 030309
stork daddy what does it mean when one says the purpose of blather? In one sense blather has no purpose recognizeable to human motives. It's purpose is to post text submitted to it with links coded in to each recognized word within the text to any words that have been topics of a page. any other purpose articulated in blather will have to be superimposed on it by those submitting the text, i.e. its citizens. Blather is just the forum, much as television is a forum. It's purpose, much like television is defined by the desires and motives of those viewing it, since without them there is no attention that will be paid to it or text submitted to it. Since the views expressed on here, and the way it is used is really going to be finessed into the "will" of the masses in the sense that if people share a reason for blathing or a aesthetic of blathing then the number of posts reflecting those reasons and aesthetics will outnumber any other posts, you can't ever really claim it doesn't matter what other stupid people think. Also, even if you are not directly referenced, but are only the implicit receiver of a thought, does that mean you are any less obligated to answer? Probably, however, the point remains one of the features of this forum is that it allows both the storage and sharing of ideas, which often facillitates response to those ideas and an evolution of sorts of those ideas. Many of blather's denizens have interpreted this as its function. If you disagree, and were in fact submitting text which is available at any node connected to the internet, and thereby to any human users, to ask a question not expecting anyone to notice or respond to it, but rather as an exercise in self expression that was best accomplished in this particular way and not just saying it aloud to yourself, it would be interesting to hear you articulate what you believe the purpose of blather to be. You would be right in one sense since your articulation of it would itself define its purpose, as the users of blather are in its truest sense the sovreigns of its policy, since their use of it is immediately expressed for all to see, however if your views are not in accordance with the majority of blatherer's, this will be reflected too. Much like our actual democracy, there is not true eagalitarianism, as those with more tenacity or more time on their hands can express their views more tirelessly on more pages, but there is something that approximates pure democracy in that everyone has a view if they voice it. This includes the right to directly address you whether or not you want them to, as well as the right to not read the posts above. However, if you disreguard the sensibilities of all other blatherers you risk an alienation that limits your abilities to utilize all capabilities of blather's essential "purpose." You are right in the limited sense that you can post whatever you want though, but that is only as reguards the computer, which admittedly has standards unrecognizeable to the human beings you were (i assume based on your use of syntactical english and not some random combination of letters the program would recognize as valid to translate and post) trying to reach with your comments. If indeed you don't mean to communicate with anyone but the computer and yourself, don't stress yourself out so much with your attempts at rigorous sentences. You're right that they are two different forms of communication, so unless your question was in fact rhetorical, you actually were prostrating before the very system of fuzzy relations between our comments and the comments of others that you later dismissed as uneccessary. If your question was rhetorical it is my right to dismiss it as useless. If your question was not rhetorical, I respectfully point out that your inability to obey the flexible rules of the message board superimposed on the basic functioning of this program is going to limit your compatability and success within it. haha...i really don't care. just a favor. smooches. 030310
. blah blah blah blah x1000= stork daddy 030310
stork daddy haha...there isn't anything but blah blah blahs here 030310
niska HAHAHA!

wow! this is great. i love being critcized for doing exactly what you're defending someone else for doing, AND are all compelled to do now.

jane: touche!

ps: exactly.
stork daddy i thought you said you did see the irony. my point besides the ironic one, however, wasn't that you couldn't say anything, just that there were standards held by the community which mattered in a sense beyond the raw expression of the idea. therefore, you weren't being criticized for what i defended another person for, you were being criticized for attacking someone who i felt was not guilty of your particular crime. duh 030311
stork daddy i would never be so foolish as to propose that you weren't capable of saying anything that occured to you, i could however propose that it wasn't as worthwhile as things others had to say and further propose that this is significant if the standards agreed upon by others have clear reasoning behind them. for instance, the thought that you should be aware of the previous thoughts on a blathe to avoid redundancies, while not a neccessity as you so kindly pointed out, is just a reasonable way to keep the information from becoming unwieldy (a crime i know i'm more guilty of than you) and is also a way of making sure ideas go forward and taking advantage of the thought procesess of others. if you do not wish to use the board as such, that is fine, however if the blatherers have standards as i believe them to do, that will manifest itself in their responses to your material. my critique came from the assumption obviously not held by the computer that some things are more worth saying than others and that whomever originally offended you had a quality of neccessity that your further response and perhaps initial inquiry did not. the fact is, i did not every commend them for saying anything, i commended them for saying something and criticized you for saying anything. your particular point has already been proven since you posted it like you wanted to, but my point is that people are just as capable of holding it to standards as you are to not caring. i tend to commend those who try to articulate standards even if they aren't rigorous initially rather than those who nihilistically post and let the chips fall where they may. while pragmatic in a sense, it just isn't actively constructive and i criticize you for not actively seeking to be constructive, while commending the other person for making an attempt at purpose beyond the narrow expression of an idea to a computer which cannot possibly value it either way. 030311
Irreverent Lovejoy graphite_salsa makes my_pussy_hurts whereas napalm_gelato sends me to laundromat_or_disneyland, amicably. i haven't figured it all out i just want to hang with your daughter. 030311
Irvnt Lvjy errata:
that's naplam_gelato _ferchrissakes
stork daddy i admire your efforts to truly say anything, but unless you used a random number generator i fear you're just saying something and revealing deep dark corners of your psyche for every internet geek to see. i won't deny that i myself got a cheap thrill out of it. 030311
niska storkdaddy, come ON.

you're nice. say anything you like, but please don't say anything more to me. what do you think 'touche' means? of course i see the irony, and is it not okay though to find this funny after a while?

go ahead and really pick your brain over this, but you could find somethig better to do with your time than expound on what it all means and where it all came from, analyzing every word that was said from the beginning...

someone was being a smart-ass. i had a bad day and i bitched him/her out. that was my anything, what they said was theirs. this was established a long time ago. i realize you're just saying anything too, which is great, but you have to find a way to get over this ridiculous argument. i'm sorry if you already made this point and i missed it, but your blathes are jst too long and i have ashort attention span...

you can let it go now, really. it'll be ok. ;)
brain stew i hate it when that bloody fool thinks he's god and perfection and preaches how i should be, up yours! keep your ego and your centrism and poke it where the sun don't shine!
i want you to want me,i want you to do stupid, obvious things to be near me and i want you to think about me when i'm not there. i want to know what's going on behind that inscrutable face when you look at me. why do we get things we want from the wrong person? life is a twisted old spinster who likes to toy with us and cackle when we call her names.
Gilraen (s.h.o.t.h) "SQUIRRELS!" 030325
no reason I just saw the movie yesterday for the first time. I liked it, and thought it was well done, and appreciated some of the lines, and of course John makes it good by default. But I didn't love it...I had trouble feeling the chemistry between the two main characters, which is what really makes me appreciate a movie like that. I found it hard to believe that she needed him, in specific, and not just someone... I wanted her to prove it.
maybe I'm just cynical.
shh i killed my father 040414
amy nada yeah, okay... i get it. so maybe, you say, we're takin' it to the next level? i say whatever, dude, there's still no pictures, no peter gabriel. 100314
what's it to you?
who go