Grievance wow. 011203
ClairE I think Tina was listening to her the other day. what_music_are_you_listening_to? 011203
Annie111 Ha, My_Invitation is an awesome song. I didn't know anyone else knew she existed. 011203
ClairE I feel left_out. 011203
Grievance *pats of belonging to ClairE*

I like eliot, and angel, and the radiohead cover. but, they're all good.

she's awe_
i only have one complaint: her lyrics could be a little better. some of them are awe_, but not all.
ClairE As soon as I get my new_computer, I'll go look for it!

Thanks, Grievance!
no reason from night bugs

"i met them all in corridors, every one. the cords of their gazes took root in my mind's ever-thickening manuscript. i knew they once belonged to that familiar circus. i could see it in their faces. in such an orchestra, it is full-time membership.

they rise quietly like a chorus of crickets. they drag out their horns and shine the bells up with spit. they wipe off the train smoke and soot from the mines, preparing their bows with rough hands. this is no minuet! this is dangerous dancing! this is a xylophone, a timpani, a duty to paint Forever! "to play is to wake," he says, with a wink. everywhere, Destiny constantly unfolding, and yet i still only notice her in a ball gown and make-up. why must it take a black-tie affair?

nevertheless, don't paint me as i am. paint me as an ancient, paint me as my mind sees, as history's patient eruption. paint me with them, these figments, these preposterous players of lost arts. i hope we are always ridiculous with hope. may you weep into your bottle for me or for joy or for both. long sing the night bugs, the truth-tellers."

i still can't believe i only heard of her for the first time two weeks ago.
no reason i_love_you.
will you marry me?
no reason or just
let me step into your painting
just a taste

and i'll be ridiculous with hope forever and ever
no reason i'm spreading love like a terrorist now 040903
no reason "Five years ago I thought things were bad but they couldn't get much worse," Slean smiles. "But something's gonna happen, it's gonna be something major, and I really feel that it's going to be artists and people that love art and care about art are going to facilitate that change."

"Maybe that's idealistic," she concludes. "But idealism is the only thing in the world that's ever saved anyone."

god, i fucking love her.
. amazing in concert 050417
no reason i wonder if whoever said that saw her in toronto last night.
and i concur.
and she's such a nutter.
no reason it's gotten to the point where i'm nervous at the thought of meeting her. she's in such a good place now, and she's crazy and endearing and incredibly talented and real and i love everything about her. and i think that's probably all that would be able to come out of my brain/mouth, which might be kind of intimidating and stalkerish. so yeah, it's much easier to hide in a corner.
i "met" her once before (said "bye" to her), but it/she was different. it still made my night.

no reason blue parade

i hear them coming
the blue parade
they're throwing snowflakes
and singing my name
in deep blue voices
i hear them say
there's good love out there
just you wait
you wait
oh hold on I'm coming
don't let anybody in

he don't read stars now 'cause he's
getting old
so busy neutralizing
so much it leaves me cold
and how could you lie
how could you leave
and take of my body
my hands
my deep blue dream

oh hold on i'm coming
don't let anybody in
oh hold on i'm ready
lock your doors and wait for me

now leaves are falling
from the mercy tree
the blue surrounds me
so i can get some sleep and
katie calls then she'll say
there's good love out there
just you wait
you wait

oh hold on i'm coming
don't let anybody in
oh hold on i'm ready
lock your doors and wait for me

oh hold on i'm coming
don't let anybody in
oh good love i'm ready
lock your doors and wait for me

this song haunts me a little.
no reason You will find the right words
just you wait and see
they'll be falling from the rooftops
on a blossom covered breeze
and the song you need to hear
will be singing through the trees
are you listening?
don't you see?

you are on the right path
you will realize
that the tears will always leave you
with a brighter pair of eyes
and the pain you've been fighting
is an angel in disguise
it is love and love,
love is wise

There's still time to notice
still time to believe
that a door at last will open
where the darkness used to be
and the paradise you long for
is underneath your feet
what are you running for?
where've you been?

throw your heart into the ocean
throw your heart into the sea
you will find that all the right words
will come out naturally

-sarah slean, prologue, "the baroness"
no reason hero or zero
i'm glad that you are here so
take your love and take your leave
no reason ďIn order for me to create, I sometimes need to take myself out of a comfortable situation and return to an ignorance and innocence that is exciting but also rejuvenating. Itís like when you pick up an instrument you donít understand you can come up with all these new little melodies. Music is new to you again and I felt like I had to do that in life, to start thinking differently, to uproot my philosophies." 080517
no reason i want to play music with her on instruments neither of us understand 080517
no reason don't you want my love?
it's a cloud, it's a broken boat
but it might make you laugh a bit easier

(drastic measures)
no reason "There is no sorrow, no anguish, that love cannot heal. And I don't mean just meeting a fabulous man or having a pet or being best pals with someone. I mean discovering for yourself love in its most profound sense - a feeling that inspires awe and an ocean of gratitude, and above all, a trust... What Tolstoy called "a relationship with the infinite". You can find this. Because, here is the beautiful secret, it is within you and it is endless. The more you think about the silent wonders that abound - your lungs for instance, your eyeball and the incredible intricacy of its work, the trees growing right now (think of all the trillions of trees on earth growing so gracefully and silently right now!) the forces that keep the walls around you steady and the sun rising at dawn, and on and on, the more you begin to realize that you are part of the divinity that is this world, the divinity that is the infinite origin of everything. How could you not be? And that nothing is asked of you or demanded of you other than for you to just BE. (How often I've tried to get in the way of this! To muscle a different path for myself! A bird is a bird, a fish is a fish, just be, just be who you are!! Kids are masters at this, and what other being emits as much pure joy? You are enough, you are a miraculous creature, and that is all. Part of eternity. You are love. The most amazing thing you could ever do is simply let that be - let the love express itself. The rest, petty details. And you'll notice that when this realization really starts to live in your heart, you are less afraid. And fear I think is at the heart of all hatred, all harm, all suffering."

this is just... how she talks.
. . 090406
hsg the above is heaven.

take_any_path_far_enough & the perfection of every grain_of_sand just as_it_is appears.

we find this again_and_again

w e iT HeR OW it a_way or we forget.

all_ways find a soul here again

____^^^*^^^____ grass grows through sidewalk cracks.

we find our way back to gratitude. or maybe gratitude finds us.

like looking out the window of a train, it looks like the world passes before us, like the sun circles
th e arth.
bu t ime isn't on our watch.
wh @ ever exISts all ready to be clearly perceived.

art, music, playfulness communicate truth in a one_to_one ratio.

pure expression is a timeless function;
its effects are bliss;
it's f(x), it's bliss.

nature is pure it, expression.


I agree that hate is fear. more specially, our deepest fear is not being able to communicate how we feel.

wHeN say, I believe in life with you, I_love_you, I believe we're saying, "I believe I can tell you how I feel -that you'd understand."

I think thiSarah person iSaying: "look around, I_love_you" in the most fearless way.
no reason she may be
more of her loveliness at
no reason "i will make a mess of you if you make a mess of me" 110228
what's it to you?
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