silentbob i read some where san diego's burning.
i cracked my knuckles and leaned back in my chair.
i lost it all.
i burned my night by sleeping nine hours
and wondered if the people i love
are sitting back in their chairs
or running for their lives
bolting for the fire exits that reside deep inside their heads
sticking pitchforks in my heart
and making me feel guilty
i'm not running for my life
you were the last good thing i ever saw.
I heard somewhere the world was melting
someone whispered it to me and told me to pass it on.
I considered the concept of just going to bed
maybe the world will still be there in the morning
or maybe i won't wake up at all
i wonder what it was that made it this way
they added the D at the end of Roun to ensure the world would end.
after the world ends
i'll forget about you
I cracked my knuckles and held my breath.
i let it out.
a certain amount of freedom in this action i take for granted.
in some places breathing's not allowed
like places filled with smoke
that are burning to the ground
cinders fly in the cloudy sky
Choking on the thought of leaving
i wonder where you are now
and i wonder if i'll ever hear from you again
and i wonder who resides in oceanside to make you feel this way
phil could not make enough sense of it
any questions seem silly
silentbob i guess you wouldn't since its kind of personal, and you seem rather impersonal. 020212
birdmad extraordinary_desserts 020212
daxle I guess phil's little head couldn't comprehend bobby's poem (phil: "po-em... huh... what's that?)
Don't worry bobby, you rock and anyone who says otherwise gets a kick to the shins.
daxle I guess phil's little head couldn't comprehend bobby's poem (phil: "po-em... huh... what's that?)
Don't worry bobby, you rock and anyone who says otherwise gets a kick to the shins.
Dafremen I am looking at it right now. It looks so clean and pristine from up here in the Mexican hills, in stark contrast to this side of the border, a haphazard collection of buildings and streets, dust, litter and one-of-a-kind do-it-yourself houses as far as the eye can see. San Diego, so pretty, so clean, so SECURE. The Frontera de Mexico, so messy, so dirty, so....FREE from the ENDLESS ticker-tape of regulation that plagues Californians and chokes our country in general.

The American side is clean because noone can walk on that grass, or climb that tree. You can't drop those peanut shells or orange peels there and lord help you if you can't afford to build a house that's up to "code", cuz I'm afraid THEN you'll either have to rent or BUY someone ELSE'S dream(or perhaps their compromise?) that IS up to code.

Over here, on this side, some guy lives in a house that's shaped like the statue of liberty, it's 60 feet tall. There's a canyon down below his house where folx have taken to dumping old tires. (Instead of bitching about the litter, folx use the tires to reduce the effects of erosion on their property.)

Freedom is beautiful, but it ain't always pretty.(Remember Dave?)
sprhrgrl conservative hole in supposedly liberal california. sceneless, lacking in culture. gays lined up two-by-two for happy hour, ready to bubble and mingle. underage is dead, sponsoring teenage rage, intolerance (bashing) and suicide. the few oases are good, but i so much want to go home. 030127
dax;e i think that description is dead on, having lived there for 18 years. that's why i'm here and not there. 030127
Anna_Began I will stalk you as I have only stalked buffalo and arlington. 030129
delial it's where I left my heart. 030217
Dafremen Catch the 921 bus Mon - Wed at University Town Center at
2:22pm, 3:45pm, 5:15pm or 6:40pm
Catch the 929 bus Thur/Fri at Iris Trolley Station at
3:15pm, 6:32pm or 9:15pm

Some time before June 2003.

I'll be the guy in the driver's seat.

Look forward to seeing you there...oh and no charge for the ride. Just say: "Zat you daf?"
x no one in their right mind takes the bus in san diego 030404
minnesota_chris if you become a bus driver, you need a laptop with a phone built in, so you can blather. Ooh, I guess that could get dangerous. 030404
splinken Is it really as bad as they say? I hope not. 030624
counterentity so beautiful.
so serene.
Sparticus four years, starting September 28, 2003.

here i come. . .
x serene, HAH 030624
splinken uh oh 030624
x It's not that it's bad. It's just not good. Like someone previously said, it's fairly conservative. The curious thing is that it's also casual. There is a very standard nightlife consisting of clubs and bars. There is an increasing interesting nightlife of small shows. Big and boring is how I would sum it up. Hillcrest, a subsect of San Diego, is closest to what I like in a city. However, why not be in Oakland/Berkeley where I don't have to deal with all the stuff I don't like?
The weather is nice. I may only be attached to it because I lived there so long though. The beaches are mostly shitty, but at least the warm weather allows you to enjoy them.
Cheap mexican food everywhere is the other highlight. Vegetarian restaurants are pretty much non existant though.
People are bland. Young people and their clothing are centered around beach culture, no matter how far inland they live. Further south is the ghetto and typical ghetto style everything.
Sparticus so, as a former resident x, what can you reccomend to a young (NOT-conservative) soul who will be attending college there for the next four years? i highly respect/value your opinion, even if you may not reciprocate or even know of me. 030625
x new venues have spouted up since i've been gone and other things it seems. i've been gone awhile. to know the latest and greatest, i'd search for san diego people on, talk to them on AIM or ICQ, and ask advice. 030625
Sparticus much appreciated. too bad i wont be in the actual city, as UCSD is in even more boring/conservative/richwhite la jolla, but at least im close. . .

gracias x
splinken this was all very helpful. thanks. 030626
Dafremen The 921 route takes me right into the heart of La Jolla. : ) 030626
a thimble in time I wrote this poem while I was at La Jolla Beach, CA

twenty yards from the ocean
ten years from maturity
just one month to fall in love
but a single moment to be free

my toes pit-patter on the dust of death
dry drunken winds dishevel locks of hair
I down my sorrow in a whisky flask
In a moment, Iíll forget the sandy past
endless desire beautiful poem. 030627
Sparticus really? i would love to meet you daf. ill be starting at UCSD (in beautiful la jolla) come late september. if youre still driving then, maybe ill catch a bus downtown. . .

UCSD. god i am scared. god i wonder. . .
Dafremen Hey Spart...I'm not driving a bus anymore, but I'd still love to meet you. Let me know if you'd like to get together.

pipedream where i went to kindergarten...eastgate christian school, we lived in la jolla.. and mrs.matos is still there! 031006
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