Effingham Fish What a cool name for a cat. 011204
birdmad he was a cool cat.

damn the fucks who swiped him.

ah well, at least i know they wanted that looney cat as much as me.

at least there's that.
grendel from the Hebrew, meaning "Venom of god" (poison angel) 011204
sabbie come dance with me 011205
midian and I thought I was the only one with a cat named sammael 030321
wingedSerpent black fur, golden eyes (a little bit cross-eyed)

a slightly bleached spot on on the fur of the crook of his left front leg where he would lick incessantly, the kitty equivalent of sucking his thumb.

when he was little, he would sit on my shoulder while i did some of the housecleaning

when he got bigger, just before he got swiped and taken to Portland, he would let me drape him over my neck as if he was a live version of a fur stole.

dammit, i miss that cat
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