jennifer I want to save
one or two for you
to make you smile
or cry
or just think

I want to save
one or two for you
to keep in your pocket
or behind your ear
and never show to anyone

I want to save
one or two for you
the secret messages
giggled behind grown-up words
and the wonder
of how it is all evolving

I want to save
one or two for you
misstree picking flowers
for a boquet
to say the things
i can't
brown cardigan boy typwriter with a rustic clang, a little punch-punch pucker sound. so beautiful to my ears. don't you wish you could have all your words come out just the way you wanted them too? 010301
nocturnal please? someone write on red. if no one writes for a full 24 hours, would it die? let's not find out. 010502
argo heres for finding out:
no, of cource not
silentbob sometimes it's the only thing stitching this_wound together. 010906
psychobabe there probably isnt really anyone who hasnt written something about themselves that had to do with emotions. Wether is being anger, hapiness, sadness, light hearted or depressing. One way or another its just bound to happen in their life and i think some of the best poets and writers have done it that way before without even knowing it 011227
anonymouse writing was my life. i never wanted to leave anything behind, never, i didnt want to miss a moment, a day. i wanted to remember it all...
but i found out the hard way some things are just better off left forgotten.
tilt i want to write
i want to write about sci-fi and sex and people and apocalypses and cities and river and the weather.
nom i want to write poetry if i can 070422
nom i just want to write whatever i write 070423
anyone know ? Jah !

how many libraries do we need? i'm not very good at finishing any book.

i don't know... i think i miss team games too much and generally having a laugh.

its cool learning about what you should eat... i need to know more about that. my hair is falling out, there is something wrong with my diet.. must find out what i'm lacking in or rather what i should stop eating...

anyone have any idea ?
hair loss ?
what's it to you?
who go