silentbob i wonder when i will be able to look you in the face again and be able to not loathe every sense of your being. when i will dare to refer to you as friend. 010917
Toxic_Kisses I wonder what the vary first blather was on Red 011218
Toxic_Kisses I wonder how much advertising I'd have to do to get more traffic flowing through here?
You know I just might do that tomorrow if I've nothing better to do
marching_ants you cant blather unless you understand it damn you toxic fucking kisses the only thing you are and will ever be is blather infestation 011218
marching_ants God, what are you twelve, shut the hell up 011218
distorted tendencies I wonder when the fuck I will be able to see him again. I wonder if my stupid MSN will let me sign on tonight. I wonder what is my problem. 020317
pilgrim Awe.
Shear flabergasting slack jawed amazment.
Acute awareness of the vastness of our own ignorance.
Addictive curiosity.
That feeling that premeted every waking moment so long ago.
That eventually leaked out and away in giggles and belly laughs during moments of playful Discovery.

I wonder what that's all about?
Lime Rider Wonder what it's like. Future. What it's like to walk past the same tree every day and not see the beuty in it every time again. Wonder what it's like being human. Feeling, and shutting down again. Down to everyday. I hope I always keep wondering 020401
sbonemos where we wonder where we go?
hither laurent, your boyce?
sharkieandgeorge i wonder whether i like myself
i wonder how the universe could be infinate
i wonder why some things are so hard for some people to do and easy for others
i wonder what determines a persons' taste in music
i wonder why some people are just plain mean for no apparent reason
i wonder how my life will turn out
i wonder how i'm going to die
i wonder when i'm going to die
i wonder where i'm going to die
i wonder if i'm really appreciated
i wonder why most parents don't trust their teenagers
i wonder why my parents don't seem to trust me
i wonder how many times i'll think that i'm in love
i wonder how many times i really will be in love
i wonder what my child would look like
i wonder how i'll look in 20 years
i wonder why i'm so angry at the world some days
i wonder why so many people piss me off without doing anything directly to me
i wonder why most people only think of themselves
i wonder how some girlfriends can cheat on their boyfriend and not feel guilty enough not to do it over again
i wonder why the sky is blue
i wonder why some questions are so easy to answer and so obvious, but need be asked anyways
i wonder some people are too dumb to answer simple questions
i wonder why everybody needs reassurance
i wonder why i can't sleep at night
i wonder why people need to say things that are so unimportant to one another
i wonder why some things are just so uncomprehendible
i wonder.
Lime Rider Toxic_Kisses made me wonder. no more... 010124.

What useless knowledge is always there.
What's useless.


thankgod i'm not a utilist.
Bespeckled I wonder about you sometimes.
I think of you often.

I wonder what the future holds and where the past could have gone.

I wonder how things could have been different, how things are now, what choices I am making now that have no consequence and which make all the difference in the world.

I wonder if it's too late.
I wonder if nothing I have done or said has mattered.

I wonder why this world is spinning, and how it is that I am in the exact spot I am in now. I wonder if it is all a big accident.

And if it is, then nothing I does matters; there is no right, there is no meant-to-be. There is only me, and what I do, and what I choose to say and look at every second that preceds the one before it.

I still wonder about you, anyway.
Bespeckled *the follows the one preceding it 041111
Bespeckled *that follows the one preceding it 041111
skyburst i wonder if it's possible

if i were to die and be reincarnated

i wonder if i would find again this page

i don't know
i can only wonder
guitar_freak is what keeps the flame of desire alive in the hearts of a cynical person 050102
PeeT unexpected insight into the essence of life. 120409
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