pralines&cream Women are cruel ... I guess we were just built that way. 020212
pilgrim But don't you just Love them though 020213
Miffey yeah, no shit... 020214
you no, no, no
it seems the better part,
the human part,
the part that is better felt than said.
jane why is it those who have women who never understand, and those who have not, and long for women, that understand them the best? 080222
c r 0 w l the women who understand are the ones who give and then receive... 080222
epitome of incomprehensibility Women taken as a group are impossible to understand. So are men as a group. There are too many discrete individuals.

But this difficulty pales in comparison to the absurd spelling of this word. Why is women pronounced "wimmin"? Why is "wimmin" spelled "women"? It makes one long for a more phonetic language. Even if one manages not to replace "too" and "discrete" with their homophones. Even if two manages to pat one on the head and say, "There, their, they're, it's okay."
what's it to you?
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