shai hulud beware of happy fun ball 010205
starbound You wake me
You shake me
Make me realise
All that could be
If I opened my eyes

You take me
You make me
Then maybe I'll see
You say I'm the way
That I want me to be

You bait me
You hate me
I'm falling fast
Everything blurs
Not everything lasts

Placate me
Berate me
It's all that you do
Dragging me down
In a game just for you

Hitting me
Kicking me
Maybe I'm lost
Revenge maybe sweet
Do you know the cost?

Respect me
Protect me
Is all that I ask
But you never notice
What's under my mask

You leave me
Believe me
You'll never know
The person you've lost
Or the feelings I show

Forget me
Regret me
No part of your past
You may be the brightest
But I'll be the last
mikey i love the way you write starbound 010306
nocturnal I can be such a horrible person sometimes. I get real close to someone, make them my best friend, then, out of the blue, POOF! For no good reason, I can't even understand why, I just don't want to talk to them anymore, can barely stand to be around them. Not even long enough to do them the courtesy of trying to explain. Just leave them wondering what they could possibly have done to deserve this. Other times I'll just get plain bored with people and completely drop out of their lives for a month or so. Then, at my convenience, I pop right back in just like nothing ever happened. The worst part is, people just keep taking me back, without even acting upset that I stopped caring if they were alive for a while. The worst case of this bad habit of mine of treating my closest and dearest friends like useless shits was about 2 years ago. I decided then that I should come with a warning label.
belly fire he gave me a warning this morning
maybe I knew it was coming
I'm starting to feel the need to bail
water in my lungs kinda feeling
things will be different he said
just so's to warn ya
things will be different
I think I'm getting too old to be afraid of what parents think of me
what's it to you?
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