luck is green i've lost something. maybe you can help me find it.
(i've lost so many things. maybe you can be it)
silentbobfuckyou all i ever wanted to be was a wooly muffler on your naked neck. double wrap me when its cold. but you pulled a little tight just now, and im afraid i feel a choke hold coming on. 010712
spoons the one thing i have always wanted was a pair of nice fuzzy bunny slippers like the same kind garfield has. 011204
silentbob all i ever thought we might come to was second dates and flirting eyebrows. maybe even psychic friends. and we could share a secret language. ANd almost definately make more of it than it was. but everyone around us would know, everyone watching would know. 020302
distorted tendencies All I've ever wanted to was to find happiness and comfort.. Everytime I think I have it.. It is replaced.. As if it were merely gilded. 020324
pilgrim Dead or Alive 020325
lulie to call in sick today. 020325
einstein i wanted a pepsi, so i bought one. 020326
belly fire a boy
with eyes open bright to the day
folds his laundry
in a disciplined way
sings to the radio
cooks now and then
believes in surprises
adores my best friend
has healthy obsessions
in music and art
dreams of a future
that someday he'll start
confronts things directly
despises delays
still wears his jersey
from his old hockey days
believes in his values
invests in his friends
doesn't owe money
but occasionally lends
argues, speaks boldy
knows much about cars
poetic and tantric
wishes on stars
has faith in a god
in private thoughts
thinks happily of marriage
more often than not
purrs like a lover
in ways that I crave
strong and demanding
in trying times - brave
remembers birthdays
leaves his scent on my sheets
laughs and cries shamelessly
through many defeats
not just some daydream
I conjured one night
but real and imperfect
my own Mr. Right.
een stom kind nice 030318
art choke belly fire makes my mind shake.
your works is wonderful
belly fire his gentle goodness is broad and deep
softly inducing fitful sleep
touch and taste; a smell tattooed
infiltrating my every mood
a voice that whispers with breath so sweet
the world is lighter beneath my feet
a space is filling, steady and sound
what was wanted now has been found
cocoon i just want to feel:

a priority in your life

its funny to see some things never change. its sad to see some things never change.

13 years later, still on here, wanting the same thing.

christ thats sad.
what's it to you?
who go