silentbob "The money's on the dresser." 040326
DammitJanet and i took it. because every week that i cleaned that house, the pile of junk on the dresser was untouched. so while i was cleaning it and found that 10 dollar bill, i took it. it was my tip dammit, for cleaning the most disgusting house i've ever been into.

i still don't feel guilty.
kyla Once you figure out what it is that you find interesting in a person or thing, you will lose interest. You may question this reaction--but your questioning will not interfere with it. Your understanding of your response is entirely peripheral. Indeed, your understanding of yourself will have a similar effect on your interest in yourself. The ultimate result will be a sense of malcontent and depression. But, please, do not be alarmed. By adjusting the rate of understanding to a negligible but steady increase over a single lifespan, the extent of your unhappiness will remain unnoticed far into your adult years. 040326
silentbob I used to kiss you tenderly with my arms around your ribs and you'd rest upon my trunk and find the right spot to sit. the correct position. the acurate description. measurements. time. wasted? i think not.

she told me you you used me.
semantics. i think not.
what's it to you?
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