a i use you as an easy fill up for the empty parts.
i made my life challenging, and i wanted to get away.
i will always be interested.
twirling ivy your long gone love will find me
sheltered under some stupid snowstorm
and my body will cry
it WILL do
as if it wants you.

and it does, you think
i know
it does,
we'll meet at the end of the tunnel,
that tunnel.

and we will use each other
we will use
the feelings, the supposedly forgotten
feeling like you love
i love
feeling like you do

and the drumming
of your voice
will transform into the melodic memories
that we have built this moment on
this moment,
this ephemeral moment,
this moment
is gone.

and just like our use of it,
this air uses us.
swallow swallow swallow


like our moments
mean practically nothing,
nothing at all.
twirling ivy and now that it is over
would you say that it is?
would you?
would you talk like that?

i can't hear you anymore.

the moments, the use
oh, what's the fucking use?
and where are the moments
where the fuck are they when you need them,
when i need them
when I fucking need them
i'm having such trouble with location,
now that our using is done.
twirling ivy checkpoint,

not there much anymore.

well neither am i.
twirling ivy what could we use each other for now, mister?
and why does celery make me sentimental?
what's it to you?
who go