Toxic_Kisses ... means also or as well
such as
I would also like to learn how to dance
I as well would like to learn how to dance
megan over candlelight, faults tend to be undermined, pain gone, and acceptance at its best
you gently looked into my eyes
even for only a second
my heart fluttered as a butterfly in the beginning of spring when all the flowers are ripe for harvest
i felt a warmth begin at my crinkley eyes and spread over my entire being
a smile peeked out at you
to feel you look at me is indescribably wonderful, light, airy
to know your glance was dedicated to me makes me feel like the world has taken notice of its prodigal daughter and realized she too has worth, she too has ability, and goddammit she's gonna make it
there have been poems written about this very moment, songs dedicated to it, artists have tried to capture it
but yet, we still starve after that one moment when someone else looks our way and we are reminded that love has indeed chosen us too
what's it to you?
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