lulie There must be some left overs,
all those stars glowing,
never showing,
how to live a love together.
bespeckled We were walking on a strip of sidewalk,
a rare beauty mark on an otherwise
carelessly dirty campus.
We were like those two people in the movie -
the one where the girl wears her hair down in the wind,
and smiles into the sun,
the one where the guy holds her in one arm like his life lies inside her coat,
grinning for the splendor of the moment.
We were like them as we walked along the beautiful side of ugly,
the grass around our feet,
the cold seeping into our skin,
unfazed by weather, by wind, by circumstances -
we were heightened by them,
raised like gods to Mount Olympus.
Could you hear the choirs in the background, singing our praises?
Could you see the roses falling through the sky like a gift from the sun?
We were like those two mysterious, lovely, contented gods that walk down alleys, through parks and along beaches.
- her hair is always dancing, his eyes are always shining -
we were them today; for a few spendid moments, we were the royalty of heaven on earth,
and everyone awed at the beauty of our stride,
and we didn't even notice.
Cicero We could drive to the park at noon,
and kick a soccer ball back and forth,
reveling in the field without a goal.
megan we still are... i never believed anyone who said i would fall for someone this hard. 030202
anomalous "never much together" in the sense that, though we hugged a lot, we never held hands or kissed on the lips

we were both shy, and people teased us about it

we stayed friends, for years afterwards, after we both moved away, but eventually we lost touch

i remember he said i was more keen than him, and i guess he was right
hsg "TOGETHER, we can make it. we can run it out. i see now. we're a team now." 070601
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