kyla "Umlike--
s--see there--'s this--
andand then
nevermindforget it--
you wouldn't understand anyway"
silentbob you thught i was something from afar, thught id totally excite you 011121
Zeb a thought unwritten, yet remembered
my breath screaming to release it
my hand desperately seeking the paper
the result: dirt to some, gold to others, a thing i have done and left behind to me

going back to edit it, change it, reshape it, seems to be a cheat on my creation "excuse me, you weren't good enough, please let me remake you into something i like more"

somebody loved what was written, and i won't take that small enjoyment away from them

perfection in my eyes wont make anything a bit more beautiful, it may even make it ugly

so i thought i'd leave everything for you to read, left exactly as it was when concieved

i left that thought behind on paper, made sure to give it to you, and then proceeded to forget it

few thing are best left forgotten, but as long as you remember it, i feel a little better, even though i forgot it
josie Somebody once told me that the purpose of writing something was so you could get it off your mind and then forget it.
I don't want things to be forgotten, which is why i guess we all write here because it's kinda trapped inside cyber-space. But for some of the more important things, i tend to put my thoughts in ink to a page.
nom i told myself not to think 060815
hsg a good thing to exercise 061206
what's it to you?
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