luck is green why do i still do this? blather, i mean. i want things to be the way they once were... but i know they never will be. so what am i doing? trying for an approximation?
how about something new... change...
but nothing inspires me. nothing motivates me.
i just sit here like a lump of cold clay. or lead.
and type on for all monotony.
The Truth Perhaps your attitude is in serious need of readjustment. Things are the way they are, life is life, it throws a wide array of circumstances at you, both good and bad.

This is life.

If you look, you can see good and bad. If you have a negative attitude, you will definitely find the bad parts of life staring back at you. If you have a positive outlook, the same truth still stands, but instead you will find the good things you are seeking.

The attitude comes from within you, and acts as a filter for the perceptual data that enters your mind. You just have to decide if you want a (+) or a (-) routine.
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