a so... there are a few biggish things inside me. and, i guess i dance around a lot, or i have in the past anyway. not anymore than anyone else, i don't think. but the things feel big inside me. i've been grappling a lot with silence lately... because the fact that the things are there, doesn't matter so much as something else does. i guess that *would be* something one would learn at blather after long periods of time... anyway, it's probably time i take up some instruction with some spiritual teachers... once i think i said "too consistent for our own goods" i guess that just means that we are all pretty common with each other... which is a conclusion that i see coming out of blather, more than other places in the world... lots of ways. blah blah. it's not just an addiction, though. obsession, maybe. that's for sure... 010227
dean-bean As opposed to here. Not a good a place to be as here, but not a bad place to be.
I wish instead of there, you were here, with me.
guess who there = location. e.g. over there
can also be used as in "there is something I need to tell you."
their = possession. e.g. their dog is cool
they're = they are. e.g. they're coming soon
silentbob weren't any words that were just one word in the recent section so i decided to change that 030729
ashmanzhou there...
there was something rather than nothing
here is gone
there is now
here is the past
scorn the future kill the past
and damn the present
inanna the camera is there
it is in you
now that you know
do you care
what's it to you?
who go