peyton I remember all the feelings

And I remember the day they stopped
Lime Rider the man paused a while
and in clarity there came
a word. stop.

and the pause never stopped
inconnue if i had
only known
i would've
intactyl Or at least slowed down significantly. I shouldn't try to make these observations though. Distance distorts everything I see, even with perfect eyesight, but these are the things you still see with no light. I thought I was through with these ideas. Putting on stress about things that haven't happened yet. Things that might not. Things that don't actually bother me, but seem to bother someone else inside of me, so now I've got shitty roommates and I'm planning to move. But where else does a mind have to go? Every place is displaced into this place the moment I enter it. I take my entire world with me everywhere I go. It's a strange way to be. Perhaps it's time I stopped. 131215
epitome of incomprehensibility I guess habits are still influenced by surroundings. I was more organized when my belongings were condensed into a small room. Now that I'm living again with people related to me, I'm all over the place.

Not that I've ever been organized about time. But whether I'm organized about space depends on what space I'm in.

Outer space would be perfect for that. Except if I brought only myself I would die. Correction: I couldn't get there by myself in the first place.

I stopped being addicted to jellybeans in Ontario because of warm weather. They melted in a plastic container and looked gross with their sticky colours running together. Good thing they did, because they were trying single-handedly to destroy my teeth. I can thank global warming for thwarting their evil plans.
unhinged another one of my students was taken off my teaching schedule this week.

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