silentbob Diane: I'm sorry, i just can't have a social life right now.

Lloyd: Don't worry about it, we're just having coffee...we'll be antisocial!
nom i guess i have problems 060121
nom i_guess_i_have_problems 060121
nom i googled social anxiety 060122
nom i'm not always nervous 060123
nom i just feel ugly and ashamed of myself 060123
nom not that that's all that's the matter 060123
nom i've always been shy. mimi was shy. 060207
cocoon My flatmate is being social and has put me in a bad mood.

I dont even know how to explain it.

It could be the fact that I know the kitchen is (probably) going to be a mess when I venture out.

But I guess its just that thing of feeling like you're trapped. She has people over. I have to make sure I look presentable if I walk out to get something. I might have to smile and say hi and make small talk and I really dont fucking want to.

I had plans to go out tonight, but her and her friends were also going to be there probably, and dammit, I really dont like any of these people. I dont want to have to sit and talk to them ever. Ugh.

I dont want to see anyone. Leave me alone.
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