chiidi great and secret

dead letter offices and incinerators
kerry last night before dinner i was talking to my dad about the new york dolls
he said he always considered them to be very fake
and i asked about the stooges and he said he went to one of their shows
and iggy pop was hanging from the rafters bare chested
spreading peanut butter all over himself
mcdougall there is one on sunday which i am going to. From Autumn To Ashes, Burns Out Bright, and other bands are playing. i havn't listend to either band a whole lot but i do like FATA when the girl sings. it sounds pretty. 030124
silentbob there's one tonight i am going to in ames
Owen and Appleseed cast
nom i'm gonna have something in an art show on the 13th of april
i'm not sure what though yet, i just found out earlier this night
n o m i don't want it to be our final show 100917
what's it to you?
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