lulie They say there's a place
down in Mexico
where a man can fly
over mountains and hills.
And he don't need an airplane
or some kind of engine
and he never will.
Now you know it's
a meaningless question
to ask if those stories are right.
'Cause what matters most
is the feeling you get
when you're hypnotized.

Seems like a dream.
pilgrim Old Mac was the best

Bare trees
Grey Light
Oh God
It was a Cold Night
ionesco I could steal away,
forget all I'd done
become someone new
Guess I'll have to wait
until I've done more
just a baby, really
damn scared of the future
o n m all i have to say is sadness 100413
o n m seems i am feeling a little sad, unsure ...

will sleep help?
o n m seems i've been here before 100619
what's it to you?
who go