guitar_freak I'm so scared about saturday. I have to give my history to a room full of people. I don't like admitting my drug and alcohol problems to myself, but having to go in front of a large group and tell them everything is fucking SCARY. My boyfriend will be there and he doesn't know everything but i suppose he will learn...
so scary.
Two of my teachers/friends, a bunch of people from my AA group, dreadlocks will be there....everyone. I'm so worried. I don't want to fuck up and make a fool of myself like i always somehow seem to do. ACK! stress
guitar_Freak it went well. I spoke and everything turned out all right. I have no idea what i acually SAID, but everything went all right... 011125
belly fire open the windows
tie up your growing hair
lay out your pale legs under the sun
and soak up a few minutes worth of vitamin d
it's early
and the sun is warm
but already it is moving across the sky and will pull long shadows across the floor
until you are forced to leave your apartment for more sunshine on your face
the smells of summer are returning
and I am ready
now_now being at work on a saturday is agony, but for the overtime and weekday off... 080628
past falling into a pattern. waking up late, a bit groggy, and then running around on the pitch for a few hours, to return home and laze until going out to sit on a friend's balcony until the day ends. 080628
internet meme machine caturday 080628
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