fallen the moon shifts...the dancer turns....flames lashing her flesh anew..the fire girl...dancer...the primal her fire....her passion....and now there is he....oh yes.....that one over there....somehow...somehow her attention is now on him....reaching out to his eyes...a cool wind washes over the scene....a cool salty wind....the dance changes tempo...the steady rythmic quickening....the smell....the salt on the air....salt and tears....cold....and moist....intermingling with the heat of the flame...and the sigh.....the long held intake of breath....released.....her body moves in time with this her dance 010221
pralines&cream Fuck you! You know you're beautiful and that I want you and that you will always have me. I know, yes i know, that you're thinking of other girls! Other PERFECT girls! Other beautiful, angelic, sexy, PERFECT FUCKING dream girls!! Well, fuck that!!! Leave me alone!! I'd rather be completely along than have you only half with me. Why do I say this??? WHY do i say this??? Why do i make these fucking ridiculous accusations?????? Because i have a feeling, i have suspicions. Why am I so paranoid?!?!?!? I wouldn't be this paranoid if it wasn't true!!! I know you can't love me!!! Maybe you can because it's habit, but you can't be attracted to me, and you can't make yourself want to fuck me as much as you want to fuck them, the one's with perfect smiles and perfect tits and perfect bodies and perfect perfect personalities!!! How could you???? I'm ugly!!! I'm fat!!! I'm disgusting and insecure and unbearably gross!!! I hate you!!!!!!!! And i hate the way you want them; I know you want them!!! How could you want me????? Fuck you and fuck them too. I hate ALL of you!!! I have all of you! I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!

...i'm crazy ...
chanaka from this
from everything
if only you knew how stupid you sound, worrying about school.
do you know what it's like to worry about your own life? i could be dead tomorrow, and you complain that you are mildly depressed; you aren't happy in school.
i'm not happy living.
take that.
uow she wondered if she could let go of all these words would they fly away freely like a flock of geese searching for endless summer

could she fly with them
or would winter keep her
autumn tension hangs. 040930
tilt longing for more than the neutrality of sleep. 051112
tilt forgot myself for a while.
foolishly, i was suprised that i felt empty - but why should an empty vessel feel anything more?

is filling up, slowly {?}
Sonya ...the sexual tension. 051120
nom sometimes you just have to cry 070322
what's it to you?
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