moonshine I walked in the rain today, along the creek beds, through the mud to the spheres of my love. I watched the trees bend, the branches fall, I mapped the moss, and echoed the rain. 010220
silentbob remembering you standing quiet in the rain as
i ran to your heart to be near and we kissed as
the sky fell in holding you close how i always
held close in your fear remembering you
running soft through the night you were bigger
and brigther than the snow and
screamed at the make-beleive screamed at the
sky and you finally found all your courage to
let it all go

the cure
deanbean I can tell when it rains. I look up and I think "oh, it is rain from the sky." However, I can not tell when to come in from the rain. I look down and think, "Oh, it is a puddle for me to jump in!" 010329
barometer bird the warm nitrate smell rises from the powdery desert soil in anticipation

the air thickens

and in this place, when it happens, we forget how to conduct ourselves, as if we've just been visited by some long-estranged lover

and when the storm passes by
having run its course

we wait hungrily for the nest time
distracted bird ummm...

the "next" time
spoons relaxing...I just love that after wormy smell 010516
the swinger of birches rain falls on everyone, the same old rain, and i'm just trying to, walk with you, between rain drops.

the smashing pumpkins
soia last night I swore it was raining 4 am I still couldn't sleep it was the sprinklers but wait there's no sprinklers on my side of the building but oh yeah I'm not home just half dead wondering in the dark what's happening 010617
fallen the rains came this eve....in fact it would appear they have set camp again...welcome my lovely.....new orleans has missed you.....this city was not meant to be dry ... the jello soil had turned to powder causing even more cracks in the pavement....sink holes abounded.. but now... and yes now...lulled the beast rolls over gently in summer....exhaling it's humid breath....soon not a soul bound to this land will be able to escape the moist....moist.....obscene air.... 010621
I own an umbrella that I carry with me almost everywhere but have never held above my own head 010918
silentbob my sister offered to buy me an umbrella and i told her, no, i enjoy walking in the rain. its this certain extraordinary feeling i get when the only thing i have shielding me from rain drops is my black hoodie sweatshirt. its such a clammy cold despondant feeling that makes me feel comfortable and like i'm ON. However, when i mentioned to ann about how i like the rain, i said it makes me feel so ...
and she finished my sentence with cozy, though that wasn't waht i was thinking. but if i could id cozy up to a fire with her after walking in the rain. maybe thats what i've been missing all along. if i could, i would.
barbiturate my face is melting 010919
scarlett the first time that i really intentionally danced in the rain, i knew i was hooked. i had been outside smoking and ozzy played in stereo. i had walkman in hand as the sultry georgia rain drenched my body. i watched as the water ran off my glasses and saw how beautiful my arms looked as i twirled them while i moved. my legs had minds of their own that refused to let me seek shelter. finally i was breathless and shivering. i returned to the warmth of my room, grinning. to this day, i cannot here rain without a feeling that smile play on my lips. without my heart crying out to dance. 011113
arinna throw away your umbrellas. shake your hair like a fountain. 011113
alor he said a hymn as the rain fell at our feet 020731
kerry when the rain is over and you can see the mist rising up over the lights and endless fences like braces all around the soggy field
and the man in the moon is crying his hollow eyes dry

i think of you during those times

and taste the salty sweat on my upper lip dripping in my eyes like tears when i'm running sprinting down the muddy field
all my limbs disconnecting and dysfunctional when i think of you my stomach drops to the ground and gets stuck under their cleats
endless grinding stabbing

i hear them screaming
my head is swimming
i'm lost in your eyes your lips always frozen purple
and i stare at the back of your neck
and scream in my head
and cry in my head
and know i can't have you
0of46 i wish that it would rain down here.....

i havent seen rain in a while....
Sonya The droplets poored down on the little town. The roar of cars on the interstate was muted for awhile as the song of the rain had its personal interlude.

A black cat scurried to a redwood picnic table under an overhanging. It curled up in the middle and began to plot the demise of everyone and everything. It silently cursed the rain as it wiggled its tail. From a distance one could see the sinister glow of its yellow eyes.

Sarah combed her black hair after she stepped out of the shower and immediately heard the rain pounding on the window pane. She threw on some clothes hastily. She ran out of the front door and twirled around in the parking lot. No one saw her...but her. For a moment all was well. For a moment she was hugged by the rain and her worries ran down the storm drain into nothingness.

A bed of tulips sighed in delight as it was receiving its favorite food. The crimson petals of each tulip seemed to glisten under the shower. Soon more tulips would join the sacred ball held by Mother Nature.

Rain in all its glory...it has a different meaning for every creature.
0of46 yay!!

it finally rained......
the swinger of birches it's rainging in houston, the house is filled with gray light. the windo blinds are opened and i can feel the gray encompassing me as i sit in the den listening to the radio. i get up, turn if off, and slowly hear the sounds of raindrops enter my ears. when it rains in houston, i am taken to a different place. the city becomes something different from it raw sunny garage sale look. it becomes a quiet place that is filled with rejuvination. the lawn is green and the tropical plants bob up and down with the shower hitting their broad leaves. my dad stands on the back pation looking out across the back yard. the dogs lie down on the cool cement, their bulky heads prostate against the floor, their eyes inquisitive. i catch the image of a bird in the reflection of the computer screen, i do not turn around to see it. the house does not leak. everything begins to slow down and recognize the beauty that falls around them. 030326
stoic i am wet and clean and muddy.
just not at the same time.
that would be silly.

stoic if only rain were dry
then I'd sit and play
in fields of fresh crisp rain
dryly splashing over me

is mise mon singing sleep 040414
tessa It makes interesting pictures in the sky and on
windows. It softens the sky and hides the harsh, uncompromising sun. It cools the air and cleans the footpaths.

It makes things seem special. Exceptional in some way. A little bit more of a challenge, a bit more exciting.

It makes inside seem warmer and friendlier. You can't really curl up for hot chocolate and a book unless it is raining.

Rain is an equalizer. I doesn't care who you are, it will rain on you anyway. Rain humbles us. It doesn't care what plans of yours it is ruining, or how hard you wish it wouldn't.

It does interesting things with empty space. The gap between me and the horizon which used to be pointless and unused is suddenly felt and seen to have depth and volume. It is full of falling water.
AfPRicochetMVP so it's raining outside. it's about damn time. when i get out of the dorms and into my own place, i'm going to make sure that it has a huge window that i can sit in front of and drink hot chocolate or spice tea and just listen to the rain fall. 051120
tilt when the rain trickles down the windows, it's like everyone is crying.

was that thunder? oh! give me thunder, i beg!!
filing cabinet hemispheres "All i can say
Is that my life is pretty plain
I like watching the puddles gather rain"
~Blind Melon
AfPRicochet MVP "god is in the rain" 060601
nom it's been raining for days
it doesn't seem to want to stop
i don't know what to do about it
nom i guess i can't really do anything 070323
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