skyburst nonexistent 041110
skyburst best forgotten 041113
skyburst what problems? 041114
somenom the same old ones 050523
nom i_guess_i_have_problems 061004
nom same old fuckedupness 070223
amy in red 1) problems. there are many problems.

2) most of these problems we can't do anything about.

3) hey i get blamed somehow. oh, i start blaming others. hey these are problems!

4) i swear to god i'm doing the best i can. or, at least, i seem to think i am.

5) i don't know how it all happens, but eventually some of the problems can move toward solution. i can be thankful to everybody whom i don't know about who can help solve a problem!

(i should write a whole Wittgenstein parody about it, right? oh, right, sorry W. is so much about language and not problems, problems, problems.)
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