silentbob you heard the pleading in my voice
somehow as if you had the power to make her write me
but you're a little rusty
and we haven't spoken in nearly a year
you could hear me making references to things we used to talk about
and how my good mood was suddenly shifting
what would you do for me i fyou had the power
pralines&cream Please purge this need I have to cry
in the absence of you.
Please pour yourself over me,
and suffocate me with your perfection.
I want to be intoxicated by your primal aggression,
(when your passion for me consumes you and you use my entire body to quench your hunger, your need for fevered skin beneath your hands and lips)
and I want to fall under the spell of your love,
your love,
love me until it hurts,
love me until the sun comes up and then goes down again,
love me until I cry,
love me until we fall together and can breathe no more!
Until all we DO is breathe,
and breathe,


*lay my head on you*


*fall asleep*

fallen my favorite word
.....but only when it is truly meant

mmm makes me shudder to think

especially when they don't even know why they are uttering it......the hearfelt ....please
nom could i just for once in my life
'love' someone who 'loves' me?
gja When writing a formal request - usually connected with my employ - I often have to correct my overuse of the word please.
For instance I am inclined to write:

"Would you please forward the information as soon as possible please."

Occasionally I just leave the double pleases as they are.
cocoon please please please [let me get what i want] 071210
bauxxx Isn't this the magic word? 071210
what's it to you?
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