lulie Lonely fever
Sad words in the air
Some things are better left unsaid
I'm gonna spend my days in bed
I'll walk the streets at night
To be hidden by the city lights city lights.
spoons Are you getting enough? 020419
sweet love is kinda like it...

you get too much it makes you high

not enough of it and you die
blown cherry and like love, it's makes up such a small proportion of what we do intake 020422
silentbob Force feed 020422
Tildan on another star awake 020423
blown cherry I thought you didn't even like that song. Maybe that was one of those lie things.....

just breathe
just blathe
pilgrim Constantly trying to join and disrupt,
Swapping electrons.
Generating heat.
Unraveling compounds.
Creating liquids.
Can't live with it,
Can't live without it.
It's the Nitrogen that keeps us all
From going up in flames.
blue star you're slowly taking it all away.
just stop.
stop talking.
stop talking.
Stop telling me I'm a failure.
stop telling me about your shit.
I can't care anymore, I'm sorry.
Give me back my fucking oxygen.
amy breathing 021215
SuicidalAngel I want to go to an oxygen bar.. just to try it! 021215
slothisily you know
we need oxygen to breathe
oxygen to breathe
thinking nothing
you know
we need oxyegen to breathe
Q Yes, dear, oh too. 040224
what's it to you?
who go