soia school is over
I don't know how to deal with doing whatever I want
silentbob it's over now 010713
bespeckled I'm over you.
You were a momentary fascination,
a temporary infatuation.
Your goods looks and charm exploded my fancy, and drew me in, but time apart and actions on your end have severed that string of wanting, yearning, craving, and delivered me back into familiar territory, where I'm guaranteed love and affection, and most of all, worth. I'm back where I belong, and you, though close as ever, are newly far away. So glad that time of doubt is over, now I'm over you.
gelfling over and over
gelflings wings break
never enough time to heal.
Gelfing waits for your healing touch
gelfling waits
over and over.
Crippled gelfling
looking up from the muddied grass
bright flickers of hope
dance in gelflings eyes.

Gelfling can almost feel the warmth of your touch,
can almost taste the sweet elixir of your mouth,
only time will tell if you are toxic to gelflings.
Alvarny What is so bad about appearing foolish and vulnerable for love? What is so frightening about loving someone and not knowing if she loves you in return? What is this insecurity within that seeks constant affirmation?

I got to get over myself.
APRicochetMVP it's so good to be over you. i've found another who made me feel all the things you used to make me feel. and she did it all without even trying. 050728
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