kyla Existence is the only great truth I could ever presume -- non-existence its opposite.

I guess that means Bohr's theorem can only be proven when (or if) I've stopped existing.
nocturnal and when exactly do you believe that happens? how do you define your existence? 011217
tessa Has anyone else noticed that opposites are actually the same thing?

The opposite of "near" should be "green".
The opposite of "hot" should be "table".
epitome of incomprehensibility This is a fairly difficult concept to explain. Things that go together, but are set against each other, that exist interdependently, like negative and positive. A child under ten wouldn't understand me if I said it like that.

I suppose I knew what an opposite was intuitively, or rather by example, before I could really explain it. They give you examples as early as kindergarten. I remember being very young and indignant that a worksheet listed "sun" and "moon" as opposites. Day and night are opposites, I thought, but not sun and moon; and I couldn't really explain my reasoning.
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