soia so now that I've utterly fucked up my life, what am I going to do?
1)laugh, because everything is ridiculous
2)start my laundry, and go get quarters so I can do more
3)read a book, because I've got no one left to talk to
soia actually I didn't do any of that, except the laundry, which reminds me it's been in the dryer pretty much forever... 010621
moonshine Would the Nation's tears be enough to cleanse to the streets of New York? 010912
luck is green or maybe bush's drool 010912
moonshine Later is too late. 010921
pilgrim The Eternal 011228
alice Now

well i need to be around you and i need to see your eyes on me now
and i need to caress your face with mine
and i need to know that you care 'cause i bleed in pain when i'm without your soul
cuz I love you on a level so high it's hard sometimes I know i am to me around you
we have to be together now I'll miss you while I'm gone
but here and now is where I belong.
will you wait around for me,
I hope so 'cause without eachother we're wrong
silentbob i'm between heartbreaks 020423
lulie You're sorry, now?
But I don't care, now.
pilgrim Reaction time always
Makes Now into a Then
I just can't catch up to the Moment
No matter how hard I try
pilgrim Lost inside this little window
Sliding sideways
Around the pane
Drenched in dew
As pale light rises
Turning now from black to grey.
No wind stirs this translucent prison
Still am I
Within this frame.
Gazing out with wistful longing
Into the distance
Growing clear.
Crisp Horizons
Beckon softly
Why then am I Clinging here?
Once when I was Young and Foolish
Moving was my only Vow!
Never linger when the Highway
Hummed the tune
That did allow
The restless and the lonely pilgrim
To dance unfettered
Across the land
Whirling Dervish
Beneath the cloud
Never asking why or when
Friend to all Yet still the stranger
Ever moving on again.
Tuning up the Soul and body
To the pitch as piped by Time.
Now abiding
Now arising
Ever onward
Living Zen.
Now the world is hardened crystal
Wrapped around me
Holding clear.
I the glass
And I the prisoner
Like a prisim
Polished clear
Awaiting dawn
With pensive wonder
Pierced by truth
Dispelling fear
Spread the spectrum
Of my Wisdom
Life Flows through
Then Disappears
jinx Why can't you be here now...I don't want to wait, but I'll have to. 030222
mcdougall ... Im back in school again.

... I work more than ever.

... Im making plans for trips.

... Im on my own more than ever.

its 2:26 in the afternoon.

... I have trouble deciding what I want.
belly fire ...there is peace
...there is balance
...there is passion
...there is love
...there is a future
now that we have found each other.
little wonder slowly weaning myself back onto blather, starting with red.

so_wonderful to be here.
shilohlives come back to me...I am impatient and young...and now seems like a great time to kiss you... so hurry uo and get don't remember me..damn 040404
mon uow done. 050223
PeeT flee ruin 120912
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