twiggie tomorrow i have to be there at 8,
i have to perform at 11.
you'd think i'd be used to all of this by now.
but it's a new stage.
and there are going to be people there that think we're horrible.
i'm so nervous at the thought.
i wish, for once,
i could be secure with myself.
maybe it's gotten better.
lots of times i just want to hide.
my stomach is going to be all over the place, hopefully it'll stay inside though.
i want to cry.
j_blue whenever mine start making the backs of my hands itch, i always drink, in quick succession, three shots of vodka, followed by a gargle of listerine

it helps me survive all my interviews, and got me a very nice job
silentbob anger gets on my nerves 010128
birdmad raw 010128
j_blue i usually try to reciprocate anger, to the point of escalation

i guess my theory is that if the person associates a fight with their acting stupid (aka being angry) then they will think twice

i am not sure if it works though
pilgrim Branching electo-chemical
pathways for synaptic intercourse.
This world wouldn't exist without them.
Or at least you could never prove it to Me.
silentbob I have knots in my stomach that eat away at me until the finish 010522
fallen frazzled....frayed...raw.....intense....jagged....and yes, i do have the nerve........nerves of steel....nerves of jello...twitch....sleepless.... seeking solace....solace only to jump right back in.....the burning.....burning....nerves 010522
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