have want 010207
silentbob You don't need anything. 010207
chanaka i don't want to need 010207
dean-bean I need other people. I do. So why am I so shy? 010402
nocturnal amazing. I often wonder that exact same thing about myself. ridiculous when you think about it. I don't like most people, but I get so sick of not having enough surrounding me sometimes. 010402
twiggie i'm needing people less and less.
they are pissing me off more and more.
madness felt 010814
yeux 010814
sim ...bridgeing the gap between 0 and 1. 010814
The Truth A need is defined as "Something you must have to survive."

Everything else is just a want.

Maslow's Hierachy:

Physiological Needs: food, shelter, clothing. For some people, most of their efforts will be consumed by filling this need.
Safety Needs: the need for self-preservation, often translates into job security or other assurance that that one will be able to continue to meet one's physiological needs.
Love/Belonging Needs-- also called Social/Affiliation needs: the need for family and relationships; this is also reflected in belonging to organizations, rooting for an athletic team, being considered part of a group.
Esteem Needs: self esteem that comes from confidence in mastering a skill; esteem and recognition from others.
Self-Actualization Needs: being all you can be; developing artistic skills for personal satisfaction, involvement in causes that help others; altruism; charity.
angie we learned about Maslow in school...junior year from a teacher i didnt realy care about. Senior year from the best teacher ive ever had. Funny how i understand it so much more this year... 020120
kerry sleep
and some time to turn on my music, lie on my bed, stare into space and feel the drums splitting my bones
a kiss,
from you...
to see you
Cicero Yes I do.
Very, very much.
no reason to create 090209
sardines you can't need anything. things must need you. 121231
cocoon want



the things you need vs. the things you want.
what's it to you?
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