chanaka i miss you the way a streetlight misses twilight
the way a room misses loving tenants
the way chips miss salsa
the way the grass misses it's warm snowy blanket
the way dirt misses the bottom of my shoes in a rainstorm
the way a book misses fingertips running over print
the way a bird misses telephone wires in the dark
the way you miss me
silentbob i miss you more than anything
anything like a delusion that you actually felt similar

i wish it was mutual
nocturnal america. 010405
misstree every dart that i throw
that doesn't hit
sinks into me instead,
and this distance
makes my aim very bad.
spoons I miss the mollys from blue... 011129
Zeb i miss alot of things right now
it is really depressing
change has smited me with its hammer
and i literaly must sit down and take a breath

i miss so many people so much, but i know they're still there

i wish that here was closer to there...
psychobabe i miss the way things used to be
I miss people and friends
i miss eh..i cant even think
silentbob fire door by ani fucking difranco
i opened the fire door
to four lips
none of which were mine
tightened my belt around my hips
where your hands were missing
and stepped out into the cold
collar high
under the slate gray sky
the air was smoking and the streets were dry
and i wasn't joking when i said
good bye
there were magazine quality men talking on the corner
french, no less much less of them then us
so why do i feel like something's been rearranged?
you know, taken out of context i must seem so strange

killed a cockroach so big
it left a puddle of pus on the wall
when you and i are lying in bed
you don't seem so tall
i'm singing now because my tear ducts are too tired
and my mind is disconnected but my heart is wired
i make such a good statistic
someone should study me now
somebody's got to be interested in how i feel
just 'cause i'm here
and i'm real

oh, how i miss
substituting the conclusion to confrontation with a kiss
and oh, how i miss
walking up to the edge and jumping in
like i could feel the future on your skin
i opened the fire door
to four lips
none of which were mine

i opened the fire door
Mandy I miss my friends. 030313
een stom kind i miss having real friends 030314
mcdougall we miss you too. i miss you too. 030314
belly fire "Would you like it printed as 'Miss' or 'Mrs'?"
"Um, Miss please. I dunno, Mrs. kinda creeps me out."
Mandy *heart* 030314
megan lonely heart 030314
tessa I miss all those familiar/forgotten things. 040726
sappho A little kiss, between lips (and lips) would break
the aching loneliness
of life here, isolated, "independent"
but very much in need
of other people, of another person
to tell the Spanish name for Orion's belt,
and to rest my shoulder under her head,
to love hand in hand,
hand on her heart
to feel like I was feeling again,
to feel I was connected
to life outside my own.
Which I'm not,
at the moment.

Someone I could write a full sonnet for,
not a pared down caudate sonnet or
a vers libre mess.
what's it to you?
who go