silentbob to my mistakes, to my mistakes of cowardice
she shimmy shakes, the jimmy jakes of consequence
born of the airs and dues, my airs of madness do declare
that it's ok, it's love
it's what you wanted to see, it's who you wanted to be
for what you needed to need, she'll make it up
love, it's who you know
machine gun blues, her vacant rush is so steel
i'm unaware, lost inside your visions
i got mine too over, i got mine and i got you
cause i know you, you're love
it's what you wanted to see, its who you wanted to be
for what you need to need
she'll make it up
love, its who you know
can i look up to you as you look down on me
can i feel in to you as you felt in to me
i cant help what you see i cant help but to be
for what ia needed to need she'll make it
love, its who you know
smashing pumpkins
soia certain people were afraid this blather would be barraged with song lyrics, and so I refrained, even tho half of my brain activity consists of lyrics
I see the reason, in that it would be nice if everyone could come up with beautiful and original things
I would if I could
About love: I couldn't summarize it to save my life.
birdmad ...the greatest of these, i tell you, is... 010129
splinken back in the days of blue blather, this entry was choked with platitudes.

let's be love's custodians and not let it happen again.
misstree *spit* 010129
Sum Deus I love all of you. 010201
silentbob why don't we not make restrictions for the things we put on here
I don't feel i made any mistakes on the original, so i'm not going to do something different for this one.

Like love, it should know no boundaries.
twiggie someone once told me
"Love is feeling with one's entire self the existence of another person"
birdmad contentment
joe real or not do you know ?
does any one know
you say your in love
but can you be sure?
that what you feel is love
and not lust
or your own lonelyness
dying to have someone, just to ?
no one really knows
chanaka need 010209
dean-bean I think Mr. Eliot had a good thing going. You see he wrote what love feels like:
Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden,
Your arms full, and your hair wet, I could not
Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither
Living nor dead, and I knew nothing,
Looking into the heart of light, the silence.
_Od' und leer das Meer._

That's how I feel every time I see my dark-eyed-angel, any way. Or how I would say I felt if I was a poet instead of me.
i always thought i knew what it was.
but what i was really doing is guessing, or coming to a conclusion,
based upon all the best evidence
"well this must be love."
then i found it
and it wasn't any of those other things
and that's the best way to describe it.

"Love isn't any of those other things."
moonshine "When the love for eachother exceeds the need for one and another" 010216
chanaka *mass confusion ensues* 010216
...? great! 010302
TerraCotta Love is...

Love is when you can tell the other person ANYTHING at all, and not be afraid of what they'll think or say in response...

Love is never wanting to part, and when you do, it really hurts-physically too...

Love is waking up in the morning and looking forward to being with the other person...

Love is when time flies when you're together and is at a stand-still when you're not..
soia Love is the feeling between two people who can exist independently, but are made better by being together
Love isn't the feeling between two people who are desperate to be with each other, fearing for their own fate if they should be parted
soia the second "are" should be "aren't"
and no, I don't believe it was a freudian slip
soia actually, the second are was right
the dangerous of skimming when tired!
(I'd make fun of myself here, but best friends don't do that to eachother)
blue star Love is love. You'll know it when you feel it. It's just a matter of admitting it to yourself. 010302
*Ziima* sucks. 010303
mikey love is a description of a feeling. love as a word is nothing. it refers to something. 010306
unhinged love doesn't make us happy

it makes us whole
leonard cohen It was deep into his fiery heart
he took the dust of Joan of Arc,
and then she clearly understood
if he was fire, oh, then she was wood.
birdmad love was gone from blather, but now is back again.

and when we are all so lucky

it'll feel just like a resurrection
michelle* i told him i liked him, he said, i think you feel more than that for me, or else you said those words to easily before......

i said, you're right, i love you

he said, nothing, just looked down

i then said, i love you enought to let you go, now just go

tears were pouring down my face.........

he said, i'm so sorrryyyyy

i said, just go
unhinged i can't return it
and he just doesn't get the degrees of my heart
the piece that has his name on it
isn't the same color
not so bloody
"i will always love you so whenever you need me i will be right here waiting"
and i can't sleep
because i know you are waiting for me
but i can't make myself go
this is my fault
kali escapes me 010903
distorted tendencies Is a terminal illness. 011007
daxle it's a crime if anything 011007
solitary confinement it's an involuntary crime
the punishments always seem rather harsh by comparison
wickerman stick to parthenogenesis 011010
Skalar is Who You Are. 011101
moonshine evol VE 011101
argo I love you Ben.

I love you Jerry.
barbiturate don't waste your time trying to define it. just accept that love is not some predictable, sterile thing; love is messy, and it's fucking terrifying. and that's what makes it real. 011217
yesh no one knows what it is
we all have different definitions.
like we do for all language
that's what makes it so hard to communicate.
scarlett why do we associate love with the heart? the heart is just a bloody organ that keeps us in existence. i san understand the connotations comparing the two: each keeping us alive. morbid. 020103
sarpedon love is 020107
pralines&cream I believe I have more love than any other emotion, other than lust, which is a sincere product of my love. 020108
Juanton what a load of crap. 020113
pralines&cream Juanton, you fucker. You figured me out.

hee hee hee.
psychobabe You are mine
you will always be mine
i can tare you apart
i can recombine you
all i wanted
is to covet you up
you belong to me
i would kill you to love you

may be alittle brutal but damn i love the way it makes so much sence
scarlett something that you give yourself to. you completely inhale the feeling just to choke out toxic fumes. it feels so wonderful in the process but how long will it last this time is always jingling around in your brain. i hate love. 020308
Miffey The_Greatest_Riddle 020309
Miffey oh my...
no caps in blather.
daxle is back inside of me again 020309
jolie is something big 020409
jolie is when you can look in their eyes without fighting the urge to look away 020409
amy what is love?
my favorite question.
Sonya love is pain
love is joy
love is a slow dance
love is tranquility at a busy intersection
love is memories
love is a kiss
love is laughter at 3 am
love is a name written in the snow
love is a scarf blowing gently in the wind
love is bleeding
love is birth and death and birth again
love is binding
love is a sword
love is holding hands
love is giving someone a piece of your steak, or a bite of your chocolate
love is looking at a star and naming it after an old yet constant friend
love is tears...bitter painful tears
DammitJanet You may think love is an elaborate beauty by driving men to drool and stare at the winter road ahead, after sweet sweat swims away in a garden spring rain. Yet it is the urge for a summer sun and repulsive music in a milky iron weak time. 020723
blown cherry Love, or something like it,
is not something that comes my way so often
that when it does
I can just let it
walk on by.
psychobabe love...i hate the word. Its such a high feeling but when it backfires...its sour like a lemon and stings like salt in an open wound. My fair share of love has done me no good. its only made things worse in my life. heh...the one song that always reminds me of love has to be

Nine inch nails-something i can never have

something you can never have...hmmm...depressing isnt it? obtaining that one thing in your life that you try so hard to get yet you will never really have it.

i just wnat something...i can never have
to ryan The greatest source of inspiration ever, whether you have it, hate it, want it, or dream of it.....

my friend ryan is drowning in inspiration, but not a happy kind due to love
belly fire Screw it up again, Sam.
Why the hell not.
You're so good at it.
? ? 020924
inlove just say no. 020924
Zeb me 020925
silentbob i want it now more than ever 020926
kerry you too? 020926
distorted tendencies This is fucking tearing me apart.
Inside and out.
Through and through.
And it's making me physically ill.
mcdougall I once had some love
With witch I lent to girls.
When they were done
They gave it back,
But that only happened once.
Last time I lent it out
It was stolen from me.
I gave it out
But got none back
She was through
But I was not.
I wanted to get my love back.
8000 hours passed me by
As I waited for it
But then one day I got up and left.
My love, I had lost it.
I have no more to give away
Or even to lend out.
So I am hoping that one day
I will find a girl
Who is so kind and so nice
And they will give to me
Some of their love so I can have
My own one love someday.
doug w Love is, to humans, one of the most important aspects of life. I constantly try to assure myself that there is much more to the world, or that love is but a deviation in a person's life. I, being human, find my thoughts surrounding love often. I have really only been hurt by love, it has only been hard sought and then lost in one moment, or should I say, it was never true and never there to begin with. My thoughts of love have turned to this, however: To trully know someone, is to love someone. 030130
jeano i am scared of this 030130
Black Argonaut i wanna know what love is
i want you to show me...
amy a mighty, powerful dream. 030206
megan love. it's wanting the best for that other person, even if it means giving up ones own life. it's crossing boundaries, it's embracing change, it's holding onto to one another loosely, as we do to the grains of sand that fly away if we squeeze too tightly. it's knowing that the other person loves you back without ever having to say anything. it's being able to take someone's hand and know that you're really chaining a soul. it's living and breathing solely as one, knowing that separation would mean death. i love you with all these aspects in mind, every time i tell you. 030207
athena making love to you makes everything else fade away. i've been in love before, but never like this. i love this and i love you. i want to be yours forever. 030630
minnesota_chris It's been a long time since I've felt love. Admiration, sure; lust, of course. But love: to give the caring that makes the other person grow and blossom like rain on roses. I think I'm too much a selfish child to have love. 030918
kerry i feel like i am crying when i listen to this song. this is love. this house with the heat swarming up out of the vents and the laughter coming up the stairs and the clock never moving. this is love and it makes me never want to leave.
of course i know i'll wake up tomorrow and be clawing at the windowpanes. i want to do an exchange program go to germany though i dont speak german. i'd learn it so fast. german and english have the same syntax.
new family new german bed new homesickness for things i never expected to miss,
ah but as long as this lasts right here with my toes uncurling and the dog running into my hands right when they open up, this is love.
spoons love always,
your acquaintance,
alter ego,
bosom buddy,
kissing cousin,
little brother,
main man,
main squeeze,
other self,
soul mate,
falling_alone i thought i knew i loved you...but it then turned into indifference when you stopped calling. i didn' seem to care it it was only a crush...

and then there was always another who would always have my heart before the silly crush, until i began to tell myself you dont have his.

i would care if you stopped talking.

or maybe? you still have mine...and oh god! how i wish i could tell you this. is this love, do i love you, would the friendship fall apart...

could this only be a crush as well? it hurts to think that i dont know. that love has no definition. there is nothing to tell me so...

love has made me ramble...
belly fire I have come to know you, love, intimately. 041112
shilohlives I can't understand how it could possibly be this deep.. How connected to trust it is. CAn love ever end, no I don't think it can. Not real love. But is that what you feel for me? That is what I feel for you. THis love makes me loose myself in rambelings so unlike me I can not find my previous self in them. But then mabie The previous is the present asleep to how powerful love is. 041112
truly You embody love. 050102
birdmad i was not meant for it nor it for me.

better that she should have never knocked on my door

better that she should have let me resign myself to this growing, somewhat embittered detachment than let me chase mirages for so long

i was Charlie Brown and she was Lucy with the football.

oh well, my fault for not wising up sooner.
somenom what flowers 050529
1man juggalo army i can't wait for the day that i get to hear those 3 words from you 050613
filing cabinet hemispheres Thats the perfect song. Love really is who you know. If it is. 060525
meep what is this thing i never felt it and i dont know how to give it 060609
Heathcliff there has never been a love so powerful, as to the girl who spoke these words to me 4 years ago...

if you're out there, I made the wrong choice... I can do nothing about it but admit it...

"My friend said she could see no way ahead, and i was probably better off without you, she said to face up to the facts, that you weren't coming back, and she could make me happy like you used to, but I'm sorry to say that I turned her away... knowing everything she said was true....... but thats the price I pay for loving you the way that I do.."

Bespeckled Obedience. 071105
margaux i don't feel like writing about it any more. just living it. 071106
gja Good luck up there Mr Heathcliff.
In my experience William Bragg has never helped with love. He has got me a couple of brownie points in the fighting stakes though!
:P let me in let me in, by the hair on your chinny chin chin. 071113
:P let me in let me in, by the hair on your chinny chin chin. 071113
:P let me in let me in, by the hair on your chinny chin chin. 071113
darksprite let me in let me in by the hair on your chinny chinny chin fuck 081016
shulamith is a myth that was once grounded in fact. 081017
shulie love, that is... 081017
f love is existence, along with cancer, and all the shit that comes out of your backside. 081017
f love is existence, along with cancer, and all the shit that comes out of your backside. 081017
Risen "I have loved to the point of madness, that which is called madness, that which to me is the only sensible way to love."
-Françoise Sagan

I used to live that quotation. Loving to the point of madness.

Then I loved indifferently, unwisely, half-heartedly (literally)

Then I learned to love cleanly, selflessly, with my whole heart. I became Risen.

Now I love to the point of rationality.

There is a more sensible way to love. To love sensibly. To love with the clear knowledge that your love will never be returned, let alone consummated, is terribly clarifying.

One day I will love to the point of happiness.
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