misstree i wander
room to room
state to state
person to person
not knowing
what i look for.
teran666 The truth reflected...
in other's glances...
Sights of realities long neglected...
forlorn hope lost amidst life's chances.

Ground littered in shards...
of broken realities...
Shallow, self-absorbed retards...
No-one notices the abnormalities.

Blood and Heart, Life and Soul...
Don't really mean a thing...
When animated strings, now in control...
Tug and tighten, and bid you bring.
fallen one of the lost soldiers.....yes there are others of my kind out there....yes we meet each other's glances in a heavily guarded fashion.....yes we are alone.....lost soldiers.....fighting it out....lost....i march forward 010201
lost and found 010207
soia I'll never find the people that I fit in with. 010207
silentbob i don't think i belong anywhere 010207
COLDandBLUEkitty i feeling i dred. 010208
dean-bean Little, lost in a forest without any trees... 010208
spoons for words...
not knowing
unhinged we just float along 010401
dB float, stumble, drag.

some/all of the above.

don't it just make you feel like you want more?
unhinged more pills or another bowl maybe 010401
soia more now comes continually and hey I like it
everythings the same but I see it differently
everythings different but I see it the same
the now keeps becoming past was future is now is why struggle to put air in a box?
i like it.
psychobabe in the depths of my mind 011121
Toxic_Kisses I apparently lost that Michel Crawford tape I had bc I cant find it for the life of me 011219
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY i always feel lost
but in my own mind
bt im not worried
cuz one day i will
find the real me again
one day.

DammitJanet writing unleases the floodgates of emotion
and i feel as though i can't keep up
as i record my thoughts
others are creeping through
filling my head with new words
as i finally go on to the next
my mind lets it all go
and i've lost it all again
Lime Rider I once dreamed I found the place where all lost things are hidden. it was in a cranny of the wall, in my old house. where stones weren't preshaped, but just round-like.
Later I saw a Winnie the Pooh episode of a same sort of place.
mcdougall Iím lost and I need to be found again
Iím lost and looking for myself again
You say you know but how can that be
You said you knew me and it made me smile
I told you, you were wrong
Now here you are
This is you
You look confused
Now here I am
This is me
I am leaving
I am leaving but Iím still here
I am still here but I am lost
I am lost and need to be found
I am lost and hope to be found
psychobabe with no where to go..
no one to see..
nothing to hear..
Lost and confused
when all i wanted was you
but you couldnt even give that to me
mcdougall i wouldn't have it any other way.
how can you explore if you never get lost.
Lemon_Soda Nonsense. Not one of you. "Lost" is a mindframe your romanticizing.

Your here. Now. Enjoy.
tilt in a blur of activity
or forgotten
filing cabinet hemispheres Lost
I've been there before
I've been there a lot
I'm used to it
There's no one for me to find
So i search
For Lost
two i long to be found. 060526
silentbob "i'll see you in another life, mate." 060527
Correction I believe it's "brother" actually. 060527
jane i lost myself 071206
past I've never really realized how important a mail key is as I do now, quasi-self-employed, awaiting some documents from a client who distrusts the internet. 130207
styx perhaps i'll take that advice and make a wish as i turn the corner 130208
jane i just listened to a song that made me incredibly sad. i need something different, a new life.

hand me something, anything.
gja Here is a garland jane. 150320
jane much_obliged, kind darling.

i wish i knew what the song was; i would never have to hear it again...
epitome of incomprehensibility A notebook, spiral binding, red plaid cover, has about a years' worth of my writing, including a version of a poem I was about to revise to send to an actual published poet-person.

No conspiracy of anyone to steal it, not even one's conservative mother: it's my own carelessness. Where IS the thing?

It's making me anxious but this doesn't mean I can't jog, write book reviews in the other notebook, prepare for my class tomorrow, continue cleaning my room, sort my beads and books, etc.
e_o_i And maybe if I clean up I'll find it. There's a thought. 160609
e_o_i I FOUND IT. I don't believe it. Blather must be magic!

It was just under a pile of books.

I'm immensely relieved... although, looking at the poem now, it's not as good as I thought it was. Hence the need for revising. But not losing again, I hope, even if lost things are more precious.
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