chiidi draw it in the sand.

dare me to cross?
pilgrim Horizon 010216
dean-bean Infinity of points held between just two. Infinity in a finite set. Cuts too small to measure. Ow-ow-ow. 010329
belly fire he said the line, "Well, back when I was in the army..." and I thought, that must have worked on someone, or why would he keep using it? Anyway that tattoo on his arm
Body of steel
Heart of stone
made me think, hm, I'll bet he's an army guy. I mean, who else would say in an every day conversation that they've slept with women all over the world. "Sure, I've traveled, but how many people can say they've been laid in over 20 countries?"
belly fire "The group of SS troops out of Belgium didn't care about supremacy or killing Jews, they hated communists and did what they could to stop it. Out of 3700 of them, only 83 survived."
And THAT'S a reason to get a swastika tattooed on your arm?!?!?
I asked Patrick, "What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you do that?"
"Why not?" he shrugged.
"Because it's a universal hate symbol..?"
"Well that's not what it means for me. See...the group of SS troops..."
"You do realize you'll have to tell that story to everyone who sees your bare shoulder, right? I mean, noone sees a nazi symbol and thinks, hm, maybe it doesn't stand for white supremacy...maybe there's a DEEPER meaning to it."
After he walked away all I could think was, he could never walk into an ice cream shop in the summer wearing a sleeveless shirt and fit in. (or are there more people scratching racist symbols into their skin than I'm aware of?)
professor Contrary to popular Western belief, the swastika is a culturally universal symbol of peace and love, and has been used literally by every society in history for this purpse. This singular exception is the brief period where the Nazi's attempted to tarnish it and twist it to their purposes.

The swastika exists in many forms in many cultures, most notably in modern Hinduism and Buddhism practiced by about a BILLION people.

So... when you see someone with a swastika tattoo, don't assume that they are racists or Nazi's... They may well just be into peace and love
belly fire with Patrick there is no reason to assume anything, really. He wears his opinions like he wears his clothes, ritually, openly, daily. Patrick is not afraid to be a skinhead, he just is. He would walk up to me 5 minutes before the bell rang to start the weekend and say, "Have a good weekend, Samantha. I promise I won't commit any hate crimes tomorrow. Maybe Sunday...well, I'll see how I'm feeling."
You want to say haw haw haw...but there's something very not funny about the way he looks at you when he says it.
pilgrim Maybe You should point out that His Tat would make a great looking Lampshade. 040703
past it's there somewhere, i wish it was a little more clear because i don't feel like crossing it just yet. 080513
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