kyla all then back again
worlds words and men
Bespeckled Less than I was before,
weaker and more scared.

Scared of saying something
doing something,
laughing at something,
smiling at someone

That you wouldn't approve of,
that you'd only remember to "correct" me on when you're drunk

and let yourself get angry,
but only in private,
only in the dark,
only with the door closed.

Because I said that wrong thing,
laughed at the wrong joke,
wore the wrong outfit,
had a drink with the wrong friend,

And it's your job to make sure I know it,
never do it again,
because if I do

I'm worthless.

(And you're always right, aren't you?)
hijita is more

not mores

is breaking free
of patterns, norms

Is freeing yourself
from confinement
what's it to you?
who go