wisdom torch interesting group dynamics there. almost everyone feels utterly alienated, but then they come together. like one flew over the cuckoo's nest, but less crazy. 020502
nom she went to emergency yesterday they scanned her brain 051004
() (is she ok?) 051004
nom i hope so. 060125
nom i hope she is ok) 060125
nom i worry about her) 060125
nom i was quite worried in october) 060125
nom she was in vancouver. i was not)

she went to the same hospital)
as when she was in a coma)

it was a close call.)
nom yesterday one brother went to the hospital
and today another, what_the_fuck

my family says we have some weird ides of march curse "every year it's something", i dont really believe in it, but what_the_fuck
nom not so much my family i guess but my mom and my older sister definitely believe it 070315
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