birdmad where you are 010130
guitar_freak have been there 010131
i am it is are you 010207
green_tenedril is not there
is not
anonymouse no i'm not there...
im here!!!
you insane fool
daxle choking on the emotions I seem to keep vomiting up 010806
kyla I'm typing a Business Plan Summary for a friend, to the tune of Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges (as well as some randomly dispersed Eric Bibb). It all seems very surreal.

Well, that, plus the fact that I drove into two trees earlier today.
Skalar red. comfy. soothing. Cool color, same blather goodness. 011031
sarah harmer Are there no blinders on lights that blare
white noise on the eyes
From gas station lots
and reflected ice glares
So that I can walk home
by moonlight alone.
Can we go up to where the wind howls
and stand alee against the trees
they've grown up so tall
that you can't see the house
It's a fortress now
but you know how it used to be.

I could lie to myself and say I like it
but I would love it
if you were here.

Those words on paper smell like you associated and random thought
On my lips words turn blue
evanescent feeling

I could lie to myself
and say I like it
but I would love it
if you were here
I'm just sad for myself
cause I know that you're clear
but I would love it
if you were here.

I can just see you show me your gardens
I thought you'd grow roses
and grapes on low vines
I wanted to know you when we were both older
I thought there'd be more
of those wonderful times.
pralines&cream "Outside it may be raining ...
but in here it's entertaining!!!"
silentbob what the hell is that from 020204
pralines&cream moulin rouge ... my current obsession 020204
spoons dont honor me, commend me
ignore me, avoid me
just acknowlegde me as here.
kerry listening to "phone sex" by superchunk
feeling like my ribs and face are covered in dust

"plane crash footage on tv/ i know/ i know that could be me"

my eyes are rimmed in red because my body wants to sneeze but can't and i am wearing new freshwater pearl earrings from my mother
the pearls are pale orange
new lipstick from susie
it is my color
finally, i have a color...

if i felt like it i would stand up right here and rip the cords out of the walls and dance if only i knew how
they're watching minority report
they would yell at me

this computer doesn't work right anyway, what does it matter?

i will spend the rest of the break staring at photographs and thinking about the new baby only 3 weeks old and i'll keep forgetting she has a name
and only remember the way she stared at me
and i was the only one who succeeded in quieting her
Lime Rider trying to rip myself away. I'm sure there was something more? 030107
shiloh is where I want to be 050520
tilt pretty sick of here, actually. want to be there. 061224
no reason it would be more than convenient if you were 080516
what's it to you?
who go