mikey i hate people who hate.

to me its simple. we are all on this planet and nobody is going anywhere.

not much else to it. if you hate certain people by being racist your a fool and have no sense of reality. wake up and smell the coffee.

we all have prejudice which is human nature. some may have valid reasons i guess to hate certain peoples.

ironic to that most groups of people who hate other groups of people...often get hurt and burned by THEIR OWN people. kinda makes ya go DUH?
dB What about people who hate equally. I hate everyone on this planet unless they give me reason to think otherwise. I don't care how old they are, male, female, black, white, whatever. I hate everyone. That way my expectations of people are zero until they demonstrate that they are more.
That sounds bad, but it means that I treat everyone the same.
mikey then i dont think you truly "hate" but thats just my opinion. your philosphy makes very good sense and in some ways maybe its a great way to look at things. 010306
dB It is merely logical. 010306
mikey i strive to be realistic and logical though i often falter.

but humans by nature are far from logical.

being logical makes life easier though.
dB There's that word again. 010306
soia If you really hate people from the beginning, they can sense that and so will not desire to put any positivity into you. It's pretty much a self inflicted death sentence. 010306
dB Well, you get that. 010306
you know she went to Chicago "d'ya know
what it's like to hate
it's way down deep inside

...will it ruin my salvation
...ruin your mind?"

violent femmes
Titania It is so easy to hate yourself somtimes, I made up this little quote in my head one time when I was listneing to a song. The funny thing was I thought that the song said somthing different than it actually did, like I really made up this quote. And I have it stuck in my head

brown cardigan boy is a blinding set of glasses that inhibits growth, realization, and enlightenment, and only fucks its unsaintly slaves squarely in the ass. 010508
nocturnal I hate a lot of whites and I hate a lot of blacks
I hate poopin in public places but we all hate that
I hate lesbian feminists cuz they're all so damn ugly
I hate Spin magazine cuz they never ever put me in
I hate regis and I hate kathy lee
I hate every single movie by the vengent Spike Lee
I hate people that think that I care what they think
I hate people that think that their ass don't stink
-Bloodhound Gang
silentbob i am so full of hate right now.
alor which word do you think is stronger;
people did a this as a survey in my school.
blue star i hate my life right now.. 021113
celestial sometimes i hate myself.
i do not deserve anyones kindness.
DraugOrmr there's a fresh pot brewing on the burner in the back of my mind, next to the toolshed 021117
mourningstars is all that keeps me warm, sometimes 021119
psychobabe *cries like a little bitch*

sometimes i hate myself
i do not deserve anyones kindness

Jarec No, you don't...... 021121
spoons I really hate hotdogs...
see: fourth
filing cabinet hemispheres i dont understand any of this but i want to. A lot of people hate things that they dont understand. Like homophobes and racists. I just want to know. Not that sometimes I dont hate, i certainly do, but i try. Trying is all i can do. 060524
amy anthropology it's not that i feel hate originating from me; i get upset about it because i feel hate coming from others.

when i feel hate originating from myself it's kind of a thing that i don't expect others to shoulder it for me. although there's less than conscious things that go on, sometimes, that's a true enough story.

sometimes i "fire people from my heart" they don't like that very much. i guess it doesn't feel good. they want their nostalgia. i still want a future. i still remember what it felt like to be ignored. i can't keep remembering the general (not specific) feeling ad infinitum. so sorry -- my need wasn't really to make memories. i don't in fact really have all that many (of you) (but you can rest assured that you were the good one.)
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