twiggie something i want to run away from. 010211
argo Tucking a five dollar bill in
a winter coat, writing with salt on the
frozen sidewalk.
Putting on a Boo Radley costume and writing puzzles on the bottom of my feet. It's too obvious
that I want to be found out.
chanaka i've found that we are walking a very fine sharp edge. the edge is starting to cut my feet. can we decide? 010212
twiggie the only way i can get through this right now, is to think about what life will be like afterwards.
i'm so tired of everyone only half caring, too caught up in their own lives.
i'm just the little girl everyone runs to when they're sick of their other friends, or have nothing else to do, or can't find anyone else to make plans with.
i'm just the last resort.
it's ok, i'll just sit in my room for awhile longer and listen to vast and write and paint and decorate.
i might as well spend my time turning my room into a place i love to be, seeing as that's where i spend the most of my hours.
birdmad lost 010218
Cicero Clicking about the blue
I was linked to your past
And something in your future.
And so I tumbled,
Into the other one.
nom i'm thinking of doing something with found things, and sound 070327
what's it to you?
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