belly fire do I force you out of things?
do I make you feel like you have no choice?
I would never have pushed about you leaving David if didn't have really strong reasons.
I have nothing against what you're doing now, I just want to hear you talk. I just like to hear the sound of your voice when you describe details. Unless he was hurting you, I would never FORCE you out of anything. If you told me that he still hadn't called or returned your messages, honestly, I wouldn't have given you advice.
Don't you think that most times I ask you questions because I want you to have a chance to express yourself? So you don't have to keep everything inside? I hope you don't think I ask things so I can have a chance to shake my finger and tell you what to do.
DammitJanet I never think that. I highly reguard your opinions and trust them. I knew things with David were bad, and i knew you'd tell me the truth and make me see what i already felt in the first place. That's all. Telling you the bad things would force me to stop ignoring them. When i finally told you a bit about how i was feeling, i had had enough, and i was finally accepting that there was no saving anything from the relationship because there was no longer anything good to save.

I don't keep things from you with Darren. I understand the need to talk because i feel the exact same way. You're the first person i want to tell things to, i just didn't want to jump to conclusions too early. If there was no word on friday, i'd have called you when you got home from work to vent all i could.

I want to tell you everything about Darren. I keep trying to remember everything i can so i can recount it to you later. And i want you to meet him, so you know exactly what i'm talking about, and why i get excited when i see him and talk to him on the phone. I want you to hear his famous high pitched "hi liar!" and how well he integrates simpsons quotes into his stories.

"i wash myself with a rag on a stick!"

I've never felt you've forced me into or out of anything. Most times i think of you as my Jimminy Cricket, always making me think of other options and hear the other side of the story.

When i'm lost, you're my Reason.
Q The goal of the game is to apply equal force in opposite directions on the string, but not force so strong that the string snaps. 041223
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