silentbob they're torn off and hung on hooks on a wall somewhere in a basement with darkness and echoes. You'd expect there to be blood along with this musty odor. But they were cleaned after they were skinned from the heads they lived on. 020209
lulie jeffrey ran out of room and had to stuff them in drums, except for the head that he kept in the frig. it wasn't clean. 020220
ghetto bird "when i get through
the world will be
a better place
a little jesus christ
mixed with some leatherface"

pilgrim The reality of man lies not here,
Rather in the boney recesses behind.
Flickering in the soft grey warmth
Painting sensory scribblings
upon the ivory walls.
uow happy faces look funny 040915
mon uow how we have changed and stayed 050314
mindpop After my stroke my face was a little weaker on one side. I was given pages of pictures, facial expressions to copy. Grimace! Grin! Frown! Pucker! Blow up you cheeks! Look surprised! Worried!

You are supposed to do these exercises a million times, so your facial muscles will strengthen and your brain will rewire itself, re-learning how to use your muscles. This is called plasticity, the brain’s ability to create new pathways when the old ones have been damaged.

Smile like a maniac! Kiss!
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