ondele " No sleep for dreaming" say the architects of life
Big bouncing babies, bread and butter can I have a slice
They make no mention of the beauty of decay
Blue, yellow, pink umbrella save it for a rainy day
And all the love and all the love in the world
Won't stop the rain from falling
Waste seeping underground
I wanna break it down
-Roland Orzabal
silentbob go 010303
dean-bean Falling 010329
surrealchereal when i am down, low near the ground, this is only when my heart is with a frown,, i can't hear good things only things that are down, and they come from my head? must be i'm the only one around... it must be me making those sounds, you bitch, you cunt, you are worthless, you are stupid. or is that mommy and daddy calling to me? 010529
fallen can't be knocked down any more than this.....this is as far down as it think you let me down?...babe I was already sprawled out on the, why don't you beat me some more?...or offer a hand to pick me up....offer a hand just to retract.....and like a fool I am left there reaching for nothing 010822
jarec remember that downtown song?

it makes me happy
spoons "I fell into a burning ring of fire
I went down down down and the flames went higher"

hehehe lol...
psychobabe AHHHHH THIS BAND FUCKING RULES!!!! fuck yea! 020929
lotuseater as far as it goes, im further 030406
mon lift the holy world up 031229
belly fire taking off my rain soaked winter jacket it brought to mind our afternoon of coat shopping
every other rack a cacophony of seasonal leftovers
but those plush goose-down winter jackets - ignored
David was allergic
I felt a little sad thinking how you had planned your winter season around him like that, no fur no feathers
the kind of flattery he'll never know you put to him
nom calm 061219
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