ghostly presence the opposite of recovery? 030426
belly fire I think, have I brought you here
was it me?
can I take credit?

I remember hearing your quiet happy voice for the first time over the phone, thinking...who is this? "Hello..!"
And your hands smashed into your jean pockets the first time you drove to see me.
And your warm body crushed against mine as we leaned on your bumper after filling ourselves with Thai cuisine. How I wanted to tell you I loved you then.
And when you fell asleep three times in one early afternoon after a chilly walk to the shoreline I sat watching you sleep, not wanting to stop seeing such a display of vulnerability.
And learning to sleep with you, learning the rhythms of your sleep as a routine, a dance that I became a part of...something I quickly became addicted to, that I came to require.

Everything that we have done together in less than a year, have I brought you here? Each day there is a new discovery to find...rediscovery.
I think, have you changed?
have I?
can I take credit?
what's it to you?
who go