maruku is it universal or just personal that one only wants companionship when one doesn't have it? 010521
j_blue companionship is like all things, i think

one tends to desire what one does not have

case in point: why do people with str8 hair perm it and people with curly hair str8n it?
nocturnal curly hair is ugly...well, not everybody's. but mine was gross and frizzy, too. I worship my straightener even if it does make my hair fall out. at least it falls straight. 010521
minus you've done it now...

one look and you are consumed.
madness want to be
desire to be
burn to be
dying to be!
distorted tendencies Consumed in you. 011007
argo Consumed: a couple of weeks, bottles of vitamins. The whole time in a self-made fort in living room with Jim O'Rourke playing and only enough for chess. Suddenly, thoughts became phrased the way Hunter S. writes. Stoic, but large chance of recovery. 011125
what's it to you?
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