DammitJanet leading me on
getting my hopes up
it's a game to them
we need you, we want you
to do everything we ask
but not yet
it's not you, it's us
but when we've changed you enough we'll call you back

never intended to go this far
but they make it sound good
worth my while, while i'm here
so why do i care?
because it was worth my while
while i'm here
to get further to where i really want to go and where i really want to be
it would have made life easier to live
if only in that one reguard
at the end of it all they ask me things that make it all fall into place
why i'm here
why i'm here to them
where they want me to be, what they want me to be
form me into a little drone
perfect clothes perfect hair perfect decible perfectly content
what i really am has no meaning
it's what people percieve me to be that matters

so why am i working so hard?
belly fire it seems
I have been searching for my father
go figure
Zeb it's complex....

sometimes it seems that i am a part of my significant other's life, but she's only part of mine when i am with their family/friends. they almost flat out refuse to see my family/friends.... in fact, they've barely met any of my friends/family.....
it seems wrong, everything only going one way....
what's it to you?
who go