birdmad as time counts, the moon's orbit grows ever wider and our silver paramour slips further away from our nighttime skies where once, in the time before we knew words, she was almost close enough to touch 010917
Webley I need to change my mind 020511
bespeckled Melting the iron bars that surround her heart with soft carresses and love-filled grasps,
he slowly pulls apart the petals that enclose the nectar of her love.

All her pessimistic beliefs of a life with him are dashed. Her heart races with a new feeling that he's given her - the possibility of love. And her head tumbles with the thought that she is sure of nothing now.

He peels off her layers,
and shows her something of herself she didn't know existed.
And now she's vulnerable and open,
but soft.

And for the first time, happy.

She smiles as he touches her heart,
tugging at her beliefs,
and filling her with beauty.
yenaldlosi Man asks me for change, sometimes i give, sometimes no. more to do with how they ask than anything. 021125
bespeckled Well, things have certainly changed, haven't they?
I guess that's how life is for people our age -
February is very much the opposite of September.
But you've been rubbed against my life, dragged across my soul, and there's your stain -
it's on my heart, and the scar of your touch will always be something that my fingers toy with thoughtfully when my thoughts begin to wander in the dark.
0of46 it makes me so sad to see how some people can just replace their friends and not look back or even care

all of my friends i keep as best i can, all you need to do is give them a call, take a little time to see them

let them know that you still love them and care

i could never just outgrow my friends and leave them behind like a snake shedding its skin

and true friends do the same thing

but if you let something die, eventually it will die
love needs to go both ways
zedel things could be different

things will be different

things are different

things are forever different
unhinged impermanence


right about now, i need some good change in my life. i am tired of hacking and breaking and tearing and pulling. and falling. i am definitely most tired of falling.
gja Change may come with a rush
And rattle loosley in your pocket
Or be metered slowly, counted as it comes.
With each the result is certain
The difference between that tendered and the price.
uoasI I can't handle even the tiniest bit

Yet I want a new life, this does not work
unhinged ouch

funny how me being on the leaving side of things rather_than the taken leave of didn't really lessen the pain
no reason i often find myself wondering why it's so hard for some people, especially when they express their "comfort zones" to be so unsatisfying 110412
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