silentbob fog on windows, with finger as my tool of artistry, i write our initials in a math equation and hope someday you see it, even after the fog clears, the smudge will still be there. 010917
faint every last breath seems an effort
aching inside my wrist a constant reminder
of how I am and what I do
here is no why
there is no why
Zeb the most incredible escape artist
i dont know exactly why it leaves me when it does
the overall reason is apparent, but the events that trigger its grand escape goes all but undetected until it halts me to say it wants to return to its place near my heart
listo would sex be possible without lies? 020918
hopeless breath deep my love for it will be your last
look into my eyes as i hold you under do you see the raw emotions?
the love that i once had for you?
feel my hands tighten around your neck, hands that once held you with such passion
as you lungs fill with water and your at your final moments
realize what it could have been if you just tryed
nothing is left as i let go and whatch you drift away
aislingeach sitting on a hill, at sunset; a pause on the long walk home. i watch the glow of yellow light shining through grass, clouds lit from the underside, dark grey and purple and orange. the first stars are coming out and this is what the evening feels like: inhale, exhale. 041001
Alvarny I still caught my breath when I saw you today.

I stole a glimpse.

And I stole a second.

Across the glass wall, I caught the sight of you, looking a little more pale, a little more tired.

Your mere presence was able to cause me to lose my calm and poise which I so carefully erected...

I really hated this feeling.

But it is good to see you again.
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