grendel cold red sugar laden

burning from the inside

i set it free sometimes

just to serve as a warning
misstree thick, hot and wild 010211
vox externa a letter hidden in an envelope, written on a warm spring day and sent.

he opened it, read it and in lieu of the tears he wished to shed but could not, he washed the letter in crimson and hid it away

her unsteady hand was not obscured by the wash which stained red through the thick fibrous sketch pad leaves
ve and the mark on his arm remains but grows fainter with each day 010211
moonshine I've always fathomed blood banks as vampire bars. 010219
soia thicker than water? 010226
pilgrim Dark is the color
Of heated Blood
Red is the color
Of a flame
Time to get lost in fire
Making love
Like a sail
In a hurricane
You can feel my love
Like a fire
Feel my warmth
But you can't touch the center
Of a flame that will burn you
If you get too close

(from:bare wires/ john mayall and the blues breakers)
birdmad the impaler is the life and the life is forever 010408
scarlett i love the sight of my own blood. i want to put it into my mouth and enjoy its pungent taste. i yearn for the chance to take anything sharp to my body. instead i smoke. i write and i pretend that all my insanity is gone. 011114
pralines&cream I gave blood today.
In my gym at school.
They stuck a needle in my arm, but it only hurt for a few seconds.
They gave me cookies afterward.
I felt fine.
I was hoping i'd feel a little faint so someone could take care of me.
But I didn't.
I felt fine.
I got a sticker that said
"Be nice to me ... i gave blood today."
I wore it on my heart.
good people he who drinks of my blood shall have eternal life 020412
unhinged he wrote five lines for me
i had to record each one five times
they played it on the radio

i was on the radio

"such a perfectly tied up piece of rope
kind that fits exactly round your throat
wonder if you'll ever care"
pilgrim Primordial Ocean
Arises and walks,
Moving to heights
Pulled outward
By Tides much stronger,
Than Luna exerts
Upon the waves that remain.
Drawn by forces
Toward the Night.
The stellar Home
Again to Regain.
Frontiers ever calling
Arise and be counted.
Brave Red Tide
Coming home.
belly fire blood in the water
blood on the floor
blood on my tongue
and I want more
Deomis This page...
Like white linen
Seep'd in the blood of innocence
then dried 'neath the sun
And upon it's page
Have the murderers writ..

but that's just a thought...
belly fire I tasted blood when mom whispered, "Leukemia...lymphoma..."
naturally, since I had bitten my tongue.
I saw dad's face for the first time today, for real. I was stunned that I had not seen the swelling in these many months.
Deep inside me I feel that dad will be alright but closer to the surface is the fear I hid from my mother in the car this afternoon.
mon uow i looked in the mirror and saw
a big red spot in my left eye
mon uow and i said
what's goin on now
filing cabinet hemispheres Blood
Turns brown when it's old
And it smells like iron
Sweet and from the past
Like a memory of pain
unfair give me my money nipple man! 070422
jane under
birdmad tasty_tasty_blood 070910
what's it to you?
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